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Sony Corporation.

An analysis of the success factors behind Sony.

Rabie Haider

on 25 December 2010

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Transcript of Sony Corporation.

Sony Corporation make.believe This is Sony's current slogan.
It used to be "like.no.other" what is sony? Sony is a leading electronics producer some of its products include information management products communication devices video devices electronics gaming consoles origins of sony in 1945 masaru ibuka started a radio repair shop his colleague, akito morita joined him the next year and together they created sony, from a radio shop to a multi-billion dollar company, and are the co-owner of it. what are the success factors behind sony? innovations sony is called a company of firsts the first transistor radio the first portable video tape recorder the first portable video cassette recorder the first magnetic recording tape the first camcorder which can access the internet through bluetooth management & leadership run by two geniuses who share the same vision are actively involved with its employees realize the importance of hiring the right people at the right time embrace ambiguity innovative product line diverse products worldwide availability quality products customer care products provide more than what they are meant to advertising sony's adds are not just clever but also provide deep insight about the product advertisements for playstation consoles theatrical adverts online adversting billboards print media business intelligence partnerships sony-ericsson specific products for specific markets pricing difference loyalty programs for big consumers region-wise advertising
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