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Haunted House Figurative Language

Students explore a haunted house for quick refresher on figurative language.

Emily Simons

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Haunted House Figurative Language

Haunted House
Figurative Language Alliteration
Simile The weathered door
creaked ominously
on its rusty hinges
as it slowly opened. The freaky, furry,
furious bat
ferociously flew
past the cupola. The tree branches
reached out with
clawing fingers. If you go out at this hour, you may cower in fear of the night's power. The jack-o-lantern glowed like a thousand fireflies. The moon was a lantern in the night sky. The house loomed over me like a mountain, as I stood at the gate. Halloween scares the pants off of me!
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