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Intuitive Edge

Contracts Practice Introduction

Lisa Scott

on 7 July 2016

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Transcript of Intuitive Edge

Intuitive Edge
Contracts Practice

Intuitive Edge is Unique
The Intuitive Edge Contracts Practice was started by attorneys that have a wealth of experience working with sales and sourcing teams inside both large and small companies. They developed a strong business sense and found that they could use their legal background to help businesses succeed. They became business people first, with a very valuable legal edge that allows them to go beyond mere hourly rate legal reviews. They negotiate, they manage contracts, they train others, they evaluate risk and reward, they set up efficient processes, they write contracts and they facilitate business decisions.
We Have Solutions
Lets look at some problems...
1. Where are my contracts? What do they say?
2. Isn't there a simpler way to negotiate and get contracts through a process?
3. What is the value of my contracts?
Experience and Qualifications
Combined 35 years experience working specifically with contracts in sales and sourcing environments
Licensed attorneys
Contracts specialists
Various business environments
Document storage and control
Contracts Management
Highly collaborative
Process expertise
Always directly involved
Call to Action
Let us know what your challenges are! We will develop a customized project fee proposal for you! We do not use hourly rates whenever possible.
Our incentive is to get the job done!
Let's look at Intuitive Edge solutions:
1. We can assess and organize your customer, supplier and partnership contracts.
2. We can help you develop templates, processes and training to facilitate better contract negotiations.
3. We can review your contracts and determine length and breadth of exposures while weighing risk and reward.
setting you up for success!
Experience with...
services, products, intellectual property, licensing, data security, confidentiality, scopes, business terms and mergers and acquisitions.
With our Intuitive Management Solution, we can store and manage your documents and provide secure managed contract services to save you money!
We provide hands on contracts expertise and outsourcing to help your business become more valuable.
We could be losing deals!
Where to start?
Helping you become more self sufficient!
CEO and Founder
+1(214) 235-7241

VP Contracts Practice
+1(214) 794-7306
Increase the value of your business to investors...
...at a lower cost than hiring law firm help or adding headcount.
Legal Expertise
Intuitive Management Solution
Intuitive Management Solution
My staff is overworked!
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