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Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day

Annie Bodily

on 20 June 2010

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Transcript of Happy Father's Day!

Dear Dad,
Do you know how much I love you? Happy Father's Day 2010 Well, I love you a lot! Here
are eleven reasons why I love you and think you're great! #1
You love Mom and EVERYONE
can see it! Examples:
You pick flowers for her.
You hold hands.
You say and do nice things for
her. #2
You are loaning us
lots of money so we
can buy a home!!
You also give so much
of your time to visit
and help with anything
from babysitting to fixing
closet doors. #3
You're selfless even with small things
like helping bring luggage in when we come visit. #4
You love your own kids, their spouses, and grandkids Example:
It's obvious. Honestly, you buy Chad's favorite ice cream when we come!!!
And, you just act happy when we come. #5
You are SMART Examples:
You are writing a BOOK!
You've always been able
help me with homework.
You give good advice.
You're smart with money,
too. #6
You sound excited when I call for the fourth time in the same day! Example:
Self-explanitory #7
You are fun and funny! Examples:
You tell great jokes.
You are fun to be around.
You are happy.
You like to play sports, play games,
and watch movies. #8
You care about me and all your family Example:
You bought us plane tickets
and traveled with us so YOU
could help US with Hyrum on
our journey!
Plus you help babysit all the
grandkids! #9
You are SUPPORTIVE Example:
In all things!
From attending all my
sports events to buying
Heritage Makers books! #10
You are HUMBLE Example:
You don't need fancy
things to be happy.
You could probably buy
more/fancier cars etc.
but you probably give
your money to help your
family and others. #11
You are Spiritual
(this is the last item, but does not mean it's your last good quality :)) Example:
You magnify your calling. You are a worthy priesthood holder. You can and have given me father's blessings. You do your hometeaching EVERY month! The End
I love you Dad!
I hope you have a wonderful
Father's Day because you
deserve it!
Thanks again for ALL you do
for me and our family!
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