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Maximising community engagement utilising the 'Edge Effect'

A visual demonstration of how community engagement can increase when autonomy is dispersed throughout the group, more than doubling its conact with society and its beneficial interaction

Darius Namdaran

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Maximising community engagement utilising the 'Edge Effect'

Maximising Community Engagement
utilising the
'Edge Effect' 2x the contact. Community Main identity
meeting of 60 Sub Groups The Communities
'Edge' Community
meets society Woodland Meets Grassland L L L L L L Leadership Group Representative
Leadership (formalised) Edges of natural systems are the most productive and diverse places. Often with 50% increase in productivity. In sustainable design systems like Permaculture, this is dubbed the 'edge effect' and is strategically utilised to design systems. This 'edge' of community and society also experiences the effect. How do you increase 'edge' in a community? Dispersed
Autonomy = Formal Leadership
Unnecessary Autonomous groups
cooperate relationally Autonomous group
Tight group identity
Relational leadership
Closer relationships
More flexibility
Closer contact with society
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