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Creating Future - creating Opportunities

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Jatin Kataria

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Creating Future - creating Opportunities

Be Bindas, Be Chilax - Its Your life !! Creating Future with Creating Opportunities All glory comes comes from daring to begin - Impossible is just a word, Ignore it !!

- Be hopelessly Optimistic in life

- Do those things which people think you should not do

- Life is all about having fun, if you are not doing it - you are on wrong path

- Share what you feel in real

- Dont lie in front of mirror Life of "Youth" Generation whY have "copy-paste" Syndrome &
they do spelling mistakes, so just accept it..!!

In student life world dont treat us as professional and in professional life world treat us kid, start treating yourself as professinals

World will Judge u, world will undervalue u - because of your age, but remember there is no co-relation between 'age' and 'experience'

Best time to implement your ideas and
dreams is student life

Scholarships & Profile - www.scholerships-position.com
- use Linkedin.com as much as you can
- vizualize.me/jatinkataria
- flourish us CV -add & develop skills which require
in future and these are

Sense making, social intelligence, noval & adaptive thinking, cross-culture competency, New Media
Literacy, Transdisciplinarity, Design Mindset, Cognitive-load management, Virtual collaboration

- Online Free Courses - edx.org
(initiative of 6 universities like Harward, MIT)
- coursera.org
(initiative between 33 universities like standford & Michigan, offering 221 courses - >26 Lacs ppl r studying)
- venture-lab.org --- Stanford
- udacity.com

- Free online courses of GoI on RTI (it will be
very useful) - www.freelance.com
- elance.com (for your understanding you will find
1.4 lacs programmers, 15000 developers,
99000 designers, 1.3 Lacs writers, 31000 marketers etc

- Letmeknow.com
- Studentcompetitions.com, worldwewant2015.org
- Watch TEDx, I am the change, karmatube videos
- dailygood.org, youthkiawaaz.org, threadless.org etc Idea to implementation 3 vertical for feasibility
- Market Feasibility
- Technical feasibility
- Financial feasibility

Why u r doing is more imp than what u r doing

Live Examples Ibnur ---- Nat ---- Maris

Remember 1 thing, after research of >115 countries Scott found that 80% of people ended up with the job they don't like

Dont ended up choosing wrong career .. :)

Check your sector, fall in love & Rock the life

So, its not about getting there, its all about what you will DO when you will be there.. :) :) Hope & Believe write down your dreams, come out from the
odds, run faster, dream bigger, live better than
you’d ever before,

this is in you, you can do this,
do it for yourself, prove it to yourself!

And when you stumble, just look around and you will
find those people just ready to hold your hand to give
one last push to follow your dreams.

Let Challenge the future - Join
www.challengefuture.org Jatin
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