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UNofficial prezi player

Prezi about the features of the unofficial prezi player for android, made using another app: the unofficial mindmap importer

Roel van der Plank

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of UNofficial prezi player

UNofficial prezi player for android
This file made using another app:
UNofficial mindmap importer for Prezi
ALPHA series
error-prone, feature incomplete, but enabled people to play their prezi's on their Android Tabler
BETA series
eventually a feature-complete version, just short of an official "1.0" version.
GAMMA series
due to changes in the way Prezi works, the approach used by the BETA series no longer worked.
instead, I tried an approach I used with another app (the app that translates this freemind mindmap into a prezi!), and...
made a version that could read a prezi DESKTOP file, and transform it into a version that can be run on the tablet
bleak future:
the GAMMA series relies on 'old' technology, that may stop working the moment the prezi team improves the prezi experience by adding some features.
but in the near future:
it runs prezi pez files, which are MUCH smaller (up to 100Mb) then the standalone zipfiles
support for many fonts, perhaps not all.
Helping me?
There are a few ways you can help me.
1) Ask the prezi team to endorse my app and turn it into an official one ;-0
2) Sponsor the app so that it can be posted on Google Play
3) Debug any errors
There are some prezi's out there that will run on a PC, but not on an Android
My app now knows how the change the internal part of a prezi; the questoin remains: what are the neccessary changes...
So if you have a prezi that does NOT play on your android
and instead gives you a "play again" button
And if you another version of the same prezi that only differs by some small thing (e.g.: it is the version before you added another picture, or scaled something up or down) which DOES play on your android...
please send me both content.xml files
so I can compare the two, and understand which changes are neccessary to run it
installed swf player from issess (other swf players do NOT work)
installed Adobe flash (please google for it)
installed filemanager. Good results with OpenIntentFilemanager, but others may do.
OLD prezi:
The UNofficial prezi player for Android is now
officially DEFUNCT due to the fact that the
OFFICIAL APP is just around the courner.

For the remaining UNofficialPreziProduct:
see the following prezi for the
UNofficial MINDMAP
importer for Prezi:

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