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What's all this business plan stuff, anyhow?

An intro to business plans, elevator pitches and pitching decks for new entrepreneurs

Stelios Sbyrakis

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of What's all this business plan stuff, anyhow?

What's all this
business plan stuff,
anyhow? If you are a new entrepreneur,
you have come across many
sites, videos, mentors, advisers talking about: ...so, what are all these?
what do they mean for
my venture? Whatever ones calls it, a Business Plan is
about defining & communicating your:
Business Venture
Team & Skills
Resources & Plan Business
Venture Idea, Product or Service,
Market, Competition,
Value, Strategy Team & Skills Leader,
PR & Media,
Sales Resources
& Plan Capital Available
Who does what-why-when-how,
Costs and Revenue Streams
Profits! Resources
& Plan Team & Skills Business
Venture Defining them is an iterative process, depends on venture maturity & trial & error! Top Down Approach Business Plan Pitching Deck Elevator Pitch Bottom Up Approach However, not all agree on the format... ` the elevator pitch the pitching deck the business plan The structure however follows a pyramid stack, each layer supporting the layers on top. Elevator Pitch This is your identity in the startup community, its the 10-20 seconds introduction of your venture to a possible business partner / investor. 1 - Encounter with an Investor Its the executive summary of the venture, with strong emphasis on the business concept and a sum-up of your roadmap ahead.
The presentation (pitching deck) has no more than 20 slides. 2 - Presentation to an Investor Pitching Deck Its the full definition of the business venture, the team & skills, the resources & plan. Depending on the audience this document can be brief (an excel file) or extended (>50 pages) 3 - Negotiation with an Investor Business Plan Business Plan Pitching Deck Elevator Pitch Its a 3 session mentoring course delivered exclusively by DigiConsult to the team behind the best startup idea, as selected by the panel of the Ignite Athens competition.
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