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music project BIG TIME RUSH

Lupita Ezset-Tinoco

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of BIG TIME RUSH

My music project: How did BTR become Famous Number of Albums and Names of Albums Hit Songs Awards Nominated for or won Name's Kendall Schmidt born:November 2,1990 James Maslow born:July 16,1990 Carlos Pena born;August 15,1989 Logan Henderson born:September 14,1989 Hometown Kendall is from Wichita,Kansas U.S James is from La Jolla California U.S Logan is from North Richland,Texas U.S Big Time Rush Carlos is from Weston Florida U.S The four guy's of big time rush audition (which to Logan it was a long process). In the same way the guy's were already famous. they starred in other shows,before Big Time Rush, Logan starred on Friday Night Lights, Carlos guest starred on E.R., Kendall guess starred on Frasier, James starred on icarly. Big Time Rush have 6 albums:BTR,Elevate,Windows Down, Holiday Bundle, Famous, All over again BTR hit songs are:Til I forget About you, Any kind of Guy, Stuck,halfway there, worldwide,If I rule the world,Famous, city is ours,Elevate,windows Down They won: Favorite music group,Iconic Band,Icon of the year, favorite TV show,Icon music video Nominated awards: Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Australia Kids' Choice Awards Inspireds The Monkees and the Beatles inspired all of the 4 members of BTR. Service projects The guys of Big Time Rush visit the sick children all over the world they do fundraisers for the kids that are orphans James Maslow his favorite color is Green.his Favorite food is a California Burrito and Italian food. His favorite sport is football and he is single Logan Henderson His favorite color is red.his favorite food is japanese food.favorite sport is basketball he is single. Kendall Schmidt His favorite color is Green.his favorite food is ice cream. his sport is football. he is not single Carlos Pena His favorite color is purple. his sport is hockey. his favorite food is is sea food. he is not single this is a song of BTR this song they wrote it for a fan.She send them a message and told them that they don't even answer their messages it was like if we were invisible to them. commercials
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