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Yellowstone Caldera

No description

Morgan Kuether

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Yellowstone Caldera

Yellowstone Caldera

Presentation By:
Max Prenger, Morgan Kuether,Andrew Broering, and Cricket Wuebker

Yellowstone Caldera is located in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. This violent erupting volcano is laying on the North American plate.
Yellowstone Caldera is a cinder cone volcano, and is almost 640,000 years old. It is 10,308 ft. high and measures 55 kilometers by 72 kilometers.
This volcano doesn't erupt much, the last time it erupted was 1350 BC. However, experts believe
that it could erupt soon, this means the volcano is Dormant.
The result was because of a hot spot. The eruptions produced from Yellowstone Caldera are very violent. Once the volcano erupted, causing the sun to disappear for 6-8 whole years. Some even believe that once it erupts, it could take out all of North America.
About 640,000 years ago, it erupted killing 57 people in Washington. The landscape, mostly covered in trees, burned and smoke filled the air.
One benefit of Yellowstone Caldera is the volcanic ash served as a natural resource for construction and industry.

Experts predict that Yellowstone Caldera will erupt again. However, they aren't sure when.
There isn't much that people can do to prevent future disasters. One way to prevent serious burns or death is leave the country when it begins to erupt and don't come back for 6-8 years. You can also go to high elevated buildings, and stay in the top! Breath in as least amount of smoke and ash and possible.

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The caldera is a type of volcano that is highly explosive and in a catagory of its own because of the way they form.
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