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Introduction to Basic Computer Skills for Seniors

No description

Michelle Gurung

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Introduction to Basic Computer Skills for Seniors

Introduction to the Computer A computer has four main parts:
CPU (Central Processing Unit)
Mouse The Parts of a Computer The Central Processing Unit, also known as a Tower, is where all of the computing is done. This is essentially the "brain" of the computer. The CPU The monitor is used for viewing. Monitor The Mouse The mouse is used to give commands to the computer and its programs.

Notice the mouse has a LEFT button and a RIGHT button for clicking - each button has its own special functions.

Sliding the mouse also has its own function - to move the cursor. The keyboard is used to enter data,
write letters and give commands to
the computer. The typing keys are
in the same position as they are
for a typewriter. The Keyboard In recap,
a computer has these four basic components:
- a tower
- a monitor
- a keyboard
- a mouse Right Left The Desktop Icon Menu Desktop Icons Icons are symbols or pictures that represent a program or location on your computer.

Double-clicking or clicking (left button) the icon will open up a program.

Icons are a quick way to open a program that you want to use. The icon that represents Internet Explorer looks like this: Introduction to the Desktop Menu Desktop
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