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Sketching & Pencil Shading Techniques Prezi

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Lisa Tafuri

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Sketching & Pencil Shading Techniques Prezi

Sketching & Pencil Shading Techniques
A quick, rough drawing that shows the main features of an object or scene
Your Assignment
Look at this photo with your Aurasma App...
What do you see?
Hatching is a series of straight or curved lines, drawn beside one another to give the illusion of a value.
Crosshatching is a shading technique in which one set of lines crosses over (overlaps) another set.
1. Complete the Sketching Exercise Handout
Here is what a completed one looks like:

Smooth Shading
Smooth shading is very soft, and creates the most realistic effects of any shading technique. Smooth shading is done by using the same amount of pressure to create a uniform layer of graphite. For an even smoother look, you can use a cloth or piece of tissue to blend the graphite over the shaded area.
2. After this is complete, begin working on a still life drawing using using one of the new techniques to add shade/shadow.
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