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ELA Exit Level TAKS Objective 1

No description

Joshua Dennis

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of ELA Exit Level TAKS Objective 1

Objective 1
Basic Understanding Understanding
Word Meanings "Big Picture" "Big Picture" and Supporting Details Strategies for Reading Summarizing The student will demonstrate a basic understanding of culturally diverse written texts. Story Map Outlining Using Context Clues "An electorate is a body of people entitled to vote." Definition Comparison "The children clamored for their snacks, like baby birds for worms." Analogy "As sunlight is to flowers, so compassion is to the unfortunate." Connotation "Shea and Warren often quibbled over where to eat dinner, but their disagreements were never heated." Technical Terms "Computer hardware includes circuit boards, chips, wires, disk drives, keyboard, monitors, and so on." Using Prefixes, Roots,
and Suffixes Prefixes "Connect" means "to join or link."
The prefix re- means "again."
"Reconnect" means "to join or link again." Roots The root is the foundation on which a word is built. The root carries the word's core meaning, and it is the part to which prefixes and suffixes are added. For example, the root of "reconnect" is "connect." Suffixes "Active" means "lively."
The suffix -ate means "to cause to become."
Activate means "to cause to become lively." Using Glossaries and Dictionaries Read the following dictionary entry: range \'rānj\ n 1. a series of things in a line 2. a cooking stove 3. an open area where animals roam and feed 4. the extent of pitch by a voice or an instrument

Which definition best matches the meaning of the word range as it is used in paragraph 3 of the selection?
A Definition 1
B Definition 2
C Definition 3
D Definition 4 As you read, watch for words that have multiple meanings, such as "bound," "execution," and "poised." To choose the correct meaning of a word, consider the word's part of speech and it's context. When you use a glossary or a dictionary, you can look up all the meanings of a word to discover which meaning fits the context in which the word is used. KWL Chart Summary A summary captures the main points of a story or another text, boiling it down to a few sentences. When you summarize, you use your own words to briefly state the main ideas and key details of the text. Plot Summary When referring to fiction, such as novels or short stories, we use the term "plot summary" to describe the condensed version of the text's actions. The "gist," or the main idea, is the most important point an author wants to make. It's the overall message being presented. Each paragraph or section can have its own main idea as well. Supporting Details facts and figures sensory details these details answer questions such as Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? Newspaper stories and magazine articles often use facts and figures to clarify a main idea. Sensory details tell how something looks, sounds, feels, smells, or tastes. In paragraph 16, the narrator uses the word "invaded" to show that her dreams have been--
A overrun against her will
B protected from frightening images
C flooded with excitement
D turned in a new direction Which of these is the best plot summary of the story?

A A girl watches airplanes take off and land at Logan Airport, and she dreams of flying like Superman. When her uncle is drafted into the army, she begins to worry about the war. Because she is frustrated, she fights with other children.

B Friends in a Boston neighborhood go to a birthday party for a girl who receives an expensive snowsuit, which is accidentally ruined during a game of tag. Everyone learns a valuable lesson when the narrator's uncle offers to buy the girl a new snowsuit.

C A girl believes that justice always triumphs. Her friends accuse her of pushing Paula and ruining her snowsuit. When her uncle doesn't come to her defense, the girl begins to see that the world is not always fair.

D Neighborhood children get along well in school, but they fall into jealous fights after attending a birthday party. They turn against one girl because the war is making everyone nervous. What is paragraph 2 mainly about?

A As a child the author was fascinated by the symbols and spectacle of the Nazi movement.
B The Nazi army presented a well-trained and polished appearance that appealed to many Germans.
C The author's baby-sitter was not aware that it was inappropriate for the child to wear a swastika.
D Early in the Nazi movement, children were encouraged to join ranks with the soldiers. When was the author grabbed by a Nazi trooper?

A During a school assembly
B While walking with his mother
C After attending a parade
D Before a demonstration in a park "Superman and Paula Brown's New Snowsuit" "Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany" "Superman and Paula Brown's New Snowsuit" "Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany" "Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany"
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