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MARIE ANTOINETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No description

cori evans

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of MARIE ANTOINETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By, Evelyn Lever

May 20th 2013

4th period During the Queen's later years, many peasants were getting tired of the French monarchy. There were many threats made to Marie Antoinette. The peasants also tried a few murder attempts. The King and Queen were losing their power over their subjects. Marie Antoinette's greatest achivement was becoming the queen of France. In the 1760's many of Marie Antoinette's family members died of smallpox. Because of this, she grew very antisocial and reclusive. Marie Antoinette greatly missed her dead family members.

Because Marie Antoinette was to be married to Louis XVI, she had to be properly trained for her future job as Queen. Her teacher was Abbe de Vermond. He was very creative in his lesson plans so Marie Antoinette would pay attention. This is how she got her education. Maria Theresa received the official wedding proposal for Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI's wedding. They were to be married a year later. Marie Antoinette would be 14 and Louis XVI would be 16. They were both forced into a marriage that neither one wanted to be in. This caused Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI to almost hate each other for the first few years of the marriage. Marie Antoinette became the Queen of France at the age of 20. It was because of this that she wasn't comfortable having kids until much later than most queens. So, it wasn't for a few years that Marie Antoinette's first child was born. Maria Theresa dies of lung disease which put the queen into a state of grief. Because of this she payed little attention to everything that was happening in France. The Queen had a major crush on a man named Fersen. This man was thought to be the father of her second son. Although it wasn't proven, this provided a spark for the French people, to them, this was to revolt and threaten the queen. The whole royal family, including one of the Kings sisters, were all put in jail for their crimes against society. The peasants said that they paid no attention to them and let their country starve. During their time in jail Marie Antoinette and her family were put in harsh conditions and separated from one another many times. Marie Antoinette was taken for her trial very early in the morning. She was killed the next day. Her daughter was unaware of her mom's death until after she was released from jail. Marie Antoinette wasn't a good ruler. She spent lots of tax money on dresses, jewelry, and renovating her castle Versailles. Marie Antoinette is a poor example of overcoming obstacles because, whenever there was a problem she thought she could charm her way out of it. THE END BY: CORI EVANS
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