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Hero's Journey By:Michael Niapas

No description

Michael Niapas

on 2 November 2015

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Transcript of Hero's Journey By:Michael Niapas

The Truman show
Hero's journey
By:Michael Niapas

Ordinary world
Truman lives at a nice neighborhood
were everyone knows each other and live happily together.Truman works for at an office for an insurance company.Truman's whole life is a secret reality show hidden away from him.
The call to adventure
When Truman was in high school he met
this girl named Sylvia and he really liked her when he finally spoke to her she told him that they can't talk,but they met again at the beach and they instantly fell in love with each other then Sylvia told Truman that none of this is real.
Accept / refusal to the call
Truman did not understand the call at first but as we move on through the movie he started to have suspicions that what Sylvia told him is true.Then he started to test out to see if it is actualy true.In the video below Truman figured out a pattern in his neighborhood that supports Sylvia's claim.
Supernatural aid
Throughout his journey Truman always thinks about Sylvia and the affect she had on him realising the truth about his life.Also he is still trying to find her becasue he is in love with her.On the picture below we can see that truman made sylvia's face using fashion magazines this show's us that Truman has a secret passion for sylvia although he is married to Maryl.
Crossing of the threshold
Truman finally figured out that there is something wrong with the town an decides to cross the bridge and go away into uknown territorry away from his comfort zone.
The road of trials
After crossing the bridge a series of events happen that try to stop Truman from acomplishing his goal.First (as shown in the previous slide) a forest fire happens the second truman crossed the bridge and fire came right out of the street, then as we move on a nuclear plant is being evacuated forcing Truman to go back then he finds out that his wife is acting suspicious as well
The Shadow
Truman's shadow is the man behind it all and his mame is Christof.Christof is kind of like Truman's secret father he made the world that Truman is currently living in and he is the one that build Truman's personality and fame.The only difference is that he want's Truman to stay in his fake world but Truman doesn't.
The Abyss
After Truman nearly lost his mind he decides to set sail as far away as posible knowing that whoever is behind all this will never expect to see him there, and that caused lot's of problems for Christof.Christof and his crew tried their best to stop Truman,they even made a storm but truman kept on going untill he hit the end.Then he finally spoke with Christof.
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