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Causes of WWI: Alliances

No description

Weijun Syu

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Causes of WWI: Alliances

Austria-Hungary alliances with Germany 1881
Serbia was added to this alliance
Italy was added in order to form the Triple Alliance 1894
France and Russia form an alliance 1904
France also forms an alliance with Britain 1907
Britain makes an entente with Russia
creating the Triple Entente ALLIANCES
IN WWI By: Thomas Oo, Linus Chung, Carl Wang, Weijun Syu, and Siddharth Ganapathy What's an Alliance? A group of nations/people that work together to attack/defend each other. What were the main alliances in WWI? Triple Entente Central Powers VS What countries were included in the Alliances? Triple Entente Central Powers France, Russia, Britain Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy Why did these Alliances form? Alliances were a force of self defense. The Triple Entente formed in response to the Central Powers Peace was sought for through military superiority. When did these alliances form? Other Alliances Formed Belgian and British alliance. The British and the Japanese had a military agreement. Called the dual alliance it was a defensive alliance with the idea of defending Austria-Hungary and Germany against possible attack by Russia Austria-Hungary made an alliance with Serbia to prevent Russia from from gaining control and they later added Italy to prevent them from joining up with Russia France was forced to act upon this threat of the Triple Alliance and made an alliance with Russia 1902
Britain made an alliance with Japan The alliance between Britain and Japan was created mainly to counter Russian expansion. Both these alliances later joined with the other countries of the Triple Entente which evolved into the Allies. Britain, being fearful of their "Glorious Isolation" they sought to form alliances. Their alliance with Japan was not enough as Germany was threatening their "global position" The alliances between these three countries eventually became known as the Triple Entente. How did these alliances cause WWI? Due to the Treaty of London the British were entitled to protect Belgium if an invasion occurs. When Germany invades Belgium to battle France Britain is forced into the war. Because Britain joined the war Japan was also pulled in. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia on July 1914. Germany promised to back Austria-Hungary. Russia, bound to Serbia, declared war on Austria-Hungary and started to mobilize her army. France also joined the war as it was bound by a treaty to Russia. The USA initially decided to stay neutral however Germany's unrestricted submarine warfare harmed USA's commercial shipping and thus they joined on 1917. When Britain joined her colonies were also involve. These colonies funded for the war and provided an army. Later, Italy joins the war on the Allies side fighting against her former alliance members Austria-Hungary and Germany. THUS THE MAIN CAUSE OF WWI WAS THE ALLIANCES THAT WERE MADE AS THEY FORCED MANY NATIONS INTO THE WAR ONCE THE INITIAL FIGHT STARTED. Although France and Britain had conflicts with their colonies, they decided to make an alliance because of the growing German threat. 1. Austria declares war on Serbia 2. Russia has agreement with Serbia so it declares war on Austria 3. Germany is allied with Austria and so, the two alliances are now at war 4. The alliances bring in their respective countries thus starting WWI WITHOUT ALLIANCES, WWI WOULD HAVE BEEN JUST A WAR BETWEEN AUSTRIA-HUNGARY AND SERBIA OR NOT A WAR AT ALL AS THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN SCARED TO DECLARE IT WITH NO ONE BACKING THEM UP. Finally, why were alliances the main cause of WWI? Germany declared war on Russia as it was allied to Austria-Hungary thus joining the war. Works Cited
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