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About Prezi

All about Prezi! ...at least, as much as I know...

Kiran Bhadury

on 28 January 2011

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Transcript of About Prezi

First there was nothing... Then there were stories... Then there were slideshows... And then...PREZI! But what the heck is Prezi?! Well, you're looking at one right now. With Prezi, you can... create shows like this one... to get information across to viewers... in a fun and interesting way! With Prezi, you have an infinite space to work on.
See what I mean? You can also enlarge... shrink... or rotate all of your content! . . . . . . . Prezi knows that you don't want your audience straining their eyes... so it automatically zooms in on smaller-sized content. Like so Want to insert a picture or video? Just click Insert on the Wheel. ...the one in the top left corner. Then choose "Load File." But what about that other button? That "Shapes" one? Well... This is what it does. You can highlight material... draw on it with pen... or draw arrows... to other content. Hey, what's that? ...no, they're not , mutant parenthesis ready to eat my Prezi... giant It's a frame! Just click "Frame" on the Wheel... to access all of them. You can also use invisible frames... to join multiple information or objects. And last but DEFINITELY not least... the thing behind this entire presentation... put your hands together for... PATHS! Also on that little Wheel. Paths allow you to move from one piece of information to another... simply by pressing the right and left arrow keys. Just click on something while in "Paths" to add a path to it. Paths can go anywhere! So now that you know about Prezi... WE HAVE TO KILL YOU. Just kidding. :) Now go out there, make a Prezi, and HAVE FUN! PREZI.com
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