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Telling Time to the Half Hour on Analog Clocks

Teaching students how to tell time to the half hour, while reviewing telling time to the hour and also written time.

Shannon Morgan

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Telling Time to the Half Hour on Analog Clocks

Telling Time 12 3 6 9 1 2 4 5 7 8 10 11 Let's Review What We've Learned! What do we call these? Not these hands! The Hands! The minute hand What about the shorter hand? The hour hand What is the longer hand called? What time is it? If the hour hand is on the 3 and the minute hand is on the 12 … That’s right! 3 o’clock Like this!

3:00 What does 3 o'clock look like on a digital clock? What time is it? What about now?

7:00 11:00 Let’s practice some more! 4:00
7:00 4:00

12:00 6:00
6:00 Can you match the written time to the time on the clock? 60 Minutes! How many minutes are in an hour? Again? Like this! What happens when the minutes hand moves to the bottom of the clock? Remember the word half?

It’s a fraction! The minute hand has moved halfway around the clock

How long is half of an hour?

Remember each small line on the clock represents one minute.
Can we count by five? That’s half of an hour! What happens to the hour hand when the minute hand moves 30 minutes? Let’s look again!

The hour hand is between the 3 and 4
This is three-thirty The hour hand moves halfway between two numbers! Now?

It’s eight-thirty! Four-thirty What do you think this time is? 4:30 What does 4:30 look like written on a digital clock? Can you match the written time to the time on the clock? Let’s practice some more! 10:30 12:30 What time is it? Now? 2:30 9:30 Where is the minutes hand?
Where is the hour hand? Ask yourself: LET'S KEEP PRACTICING
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