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Real Time

Short Story presentation.

Savannah Perry

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Real Time

Real Time
By: Amit Chaudhuri About the Author -Born in 1962
-Grew up in Bombay, India
-Has written novels, short stories, poems, and critical essays
-Won several major awards and has received international critical acclaim
-Also an acclaimed Indian Classical musician Historical Context -2000, was the the beginning on a new millennium.
Many people were very worried that computers couldn't store dates past 1999 and would crash, thus causing the world to crash.
-Terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 Genre & Point of View -Slice of life/realism

Point of view
-3rd person omniscient Plot Summary A young woman commits suicide and her distant relative, Mrs. Mitra, and her husband, Mr. Mitra, are going the Shraddh Ceremony. They get lost on the way to the apartment where it is being held and the entire time Mr. Mitra feels like it is a waste of time. While they are there Mr. Mitra feels that the whole ceremony was pointless. Setting -India
-Mr. Talukdar's flat Characters Mr. Mitra

Mrs. Mitra
-constantly waiting
-bossy, tells husband what to do and slightly talks down to him.

-distant relation of Mrs. Mitra
-commits suicide by jumping off of the 3rd floor balcony
-left her husband multiple times, but the last time was really her last time Symbols -tuberoses- flowers that symbolize dangerous and forbidden pleasures, these flowers were good for the occasion because the act of suicide is an illicit act

-child riding tricycle in circles- symbolic of the Mitras being lost, which also links back to how Anjali must have felt when she committed suicide

-crow- Anjali's soul coming back into her religion. Could also symbolize the fact that when people commit suicide that the Hindu religion does not believe that they go to heaven or hell. They must live out their days on Earth and then later goes to hell and suffer more severely.

-hunger- never being completely satisfied in life; possible reason as to why Anjali commits suicide

-Real Time- the time spent at the Shraddh ceremony was time that was wasted and it didn't actually matter, so spending 'real time' was a waste of time Themes -time being wasted continuously
-being lost in life
-not being able to find your destination Quotes 1.) " 'Do what you want to do quickly,' she said, dabbing her cheek with her sari. 'We're already late.' She looked at the small dial of her watch. He sighed; his wife never satisfied him when he needed her most; and quite probably it was the same story the other way around." p.414 2.) " 'That side?' Mr. Mitra looked helpless; he'd given up on trying to arrive on time. What preoccupied him now was not getting there, but the negotiations involved in how to get there. " p.415 3.) "The hubbub common to the shraddh ceremonies was absent: people welcoming others as they came in, even the sense, and the conciliatory looks, bereavement. Instead there was a sort of pointlessness, as people refused to acknowledge what did not quite have a definition." p. 417
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