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Fat Pig

No description

Rosie Attiyeh

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Fat Pig

Production History Summary Fat Pig tells us the story of Tom, a businessman living in a large city, who falls for a very plus-sized librarian named Helen. The instant connection between the two sparks a fiery relationship marked by lust and pain, However, when the outside pressures of Jeannie, Tom's former love interest, and Carter, his best friend, make the relationship impossible to carry on with, Tom must end his love with Helen. Why we kept Caitlin skinny Beach Scene Explanation Office Scene Characters Helen Tom Carter Jeannie Costume Tom is a successful businessman in his late 20's-early 30's. He doesn't know how to commit in relationships, that is, until he meets Helen. Unfortunately, his friend, Carter, and ex-girlfriend, Jeannie, convince him that looks trump personality, and he later dumps Helen. Costume (Beach Scene) Costume Costume For our production, we decided that it would be beneficial to leave Helen as a skinny character. You see, all of the characters view Helen as nothing more than an overweight piece of fat. They solely see her outer beauty, or rather lack there of, because of the superficiality and shallowness of humans. However, Tom manages to see past that and see the beauty on the inside of Helen that lies with her kind heart and great personality. So we kept Caitlin skinny in order to emphasize the point LaBute seeks to make. Neil LaBute About the Author He spent the majority of his life in Spokane, Washington where he attended the Brigham Young University for theatre and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was at this university that LaBute developed a politically incorrect writing style where he covered controversial subjects such as violence, sex, and infidelity. His scandalous play, Bash: Latter Day Plays, which depicted saints doing disturbing and violent things, lead to his disfellowshipment from the LDS Church. Neil LaBute, an American playwright and screenwriter, was born in Detroit Michigan in 1963. It was his being born in this time period that led to the inclusion of many pop culture references from 1960 and 1970. He believes that moral issues such as these are often swept aside, and so many of his works struggle to grapple with these concerns. For this reason, often times LaBute focuses on the fall of characters as opposed to the rise. Costume (Office Scene) Fat Pig's off-Broadway premiere was November 14th, 2004 at the MCC Theater in New York City. The production was said to have been a provocative comedy that made the audience think. Fat Pig Around the Country & the World LaBute Festival- Washington DC (2006)
City Lights Theatre Company- SanJose, CA (2007)
Boston Centre For the Arts- Boston, MA (2007)
Geffen Playhouse- LosAngeles, CA (2007)
Trafalgar Studios- London, England (2008)
Teatro Nacional La Castellana- Bogota, Colombia (2009)
Aurora Theatre Company- Berkeley, CA (2009)
Theatre Horizon- Philadelphia, PA (2010)
Teatro Fernando Soler- Mexico City, Mexico (2010)
Teatro Procopio Ferreira- Sao Paolo, Brazil (2010)
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio- Hong Kong, China (2010)
Belasco Theatre- New York City, NY (2011)
Chapel Off Chapel- Melbourne, Australia (2013) Helen, a women approximately in her late 20’s, is an overweight librarian, or “printed-word specialist.” Her kind-hearted nature and goofy personality attracts Tom. Helen is comfortable in her own skin and has high self-confidence. She enjoys war movies and has a cute laugh. Production History Part Two Rosie Attiyeh Carter works with Tom, though he never seems to be doing any work. He has a demeaning sense of humor and narcissistic attitude which often leaves Tom questioning their friendship. Carter is a shallow womanizer whose ways infuriate Jeannie but seem to make Tom self-conscious about his relationship with Helen. Leading up to the office scene Tom has a huge fight with Jeannie. Tom insinuates that Jeannie is an insane/ stalker while he lies about the date he had with Helen to her. This obviously infuriates Jeannie (Tom's bitter ex) and she storms out of Tom’s office, leaving an angry Tom and Carter, who was watching and enjoying, the whole fight. In the scene Carter reveals his experiences with his overweight mother, and how she constantly embarrassed him. As Carter speaks Tom starts to get perspective on his own relationship with Helen eventually leading to the questioning of his own character as he wonders- am I any better than Carter? The two's heart-to-heart comes quickly to an end when carter reverts back to his old ways. Leaving Tom even angry than when the scene began. Katie (Carter) and Rosie (Tom) Another co-worker at Tom's unnamed office firm. She and Tom used to date, but Tom was never fully committed to the relationship. Jeannie's self-confidence is damaged because Tom dumps her for a "fat girl". Tom and Helen are falling more and more in love. Helen is offered a better job in another town but she doesn’t want to leave Tom. She asks if she can meet his friends, when he is hesitant, she knows that he is ashamed of her. But not wanting to give her that impression he tells her that she will meet his friends when they have a work barbecue on the beach. The day arrives for the outing, but once they get there they are secluded from everyone. Helen brings up her concerns and gives him an ultimatum, either accept all of her and that includes defending her to his friends, or this cannot work. He replies that he cannot handle it and that she should take the job in the other town and both are left broken hearted. Caitlin (Helen) and Imani (Tom) Katie Furstoss Caitlin Cervac Imani Davis
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