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The "Noli" Based on Truth

No description

Alysza Gail Enad

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of The "Noli" Based on Truth

The "Noli" Based on Truth
The Characters
Maria Clara was Leonor Rivera
Tasio, was his elder brother, Paciano
Padre Salvi was Padre Antonio Piernavieja
Kapitan Tiyago was Capitan Hilario Sunico
Donya Victorina was Donya Agustina Medel
Basilio and Crispin were the Crisostomo brothers of Hagonoy
Padre Damaso was a typical domineering friar during the days of Rizal, who was arrogant and anti-Filipino
The Missing Chapter of
Noli Me Tangere
Salome waits desperately for Elias, thinking that he would pass by the water any time soon. Elias, however, is nowhere to be seen because he is in fact hiding from the authorities who are currently patrolling the lake.When the two finally get to meet, Salome tells the youth for her plan to move in Mindoro and live with her relatives and requests that he go with her, Elias, however, refuses her offer because he does not want her to be entangled with the tragedies and troubles of his past, he tells the lady that she must marry an honorable man, one whom he truly deserves and who can make her happy.
Rizal's friends praised the Noli me Tangere

The Noli Me Tangere was a true story of Philippine conditions during the last decades of Spanish Rule. The places, the characters and the situations really existed.

"The facts I narrate there are all true and have happened; I can prove them" said Rizal.
Norhana Adam Abas
While Rizal"s friends praised the novel with glowing colors, his enemies condemned it. His friend Blumentritt, congratulated him for the beautiful novel about customs which he found interesting.

In London Dr.Antonio Ma. Regidor, Filipino Patriot and lawyer who had been exiled for his participation in the cavity munity of 1872. congratulated rizal and wrote him a letter
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