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Go To The Forest

No description

Janetta Gutierrez

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of Go To The Forest

Go To The Moon
I want to go to the moon because i want to see if the stars exist.
Go Fly boarding
Going to the ocean would be a great adventure and i also want to swim with the sharks and dolphins.
Swing on the Edge of the World
Swinging on the edge of the world would be an awesome experience to see the world from a different angle.
Go To The Forest
I want to go the forest because i want to discover new animals.
Become A Movie Star
I want to become a movie star because i want to be known.
Go To The Ocean
Create an ice cream
I would like to create an ice cream flavor on my own because i love ice cream and i want to try a different flavor.
Leave my mark in this World
I want to leave my mark in this world so everyone could remember me.
Horse back Ride In The Ocean
I would like to go horse riding in the ocean because i want to see if horses could swim.
Live Happily Ever After
I want to live happily ever after because i want to live a happy life.
I want to go fly boarding because it sounds like fun and i want to try something new.
Go Zip Lining
I would want to go zip lining so i could get rid of my fear of hights.
See the Northern lights
I want to see the northern lights because they are beautiful.
Ride on A Hot Air Balloon
Jump Off A Cliff
I want to jump off a cliff to experience the feeling.
Go Zorbing
Zorbing would be fun to do before i die.
Drive a helicopter to see a volcano
Seeing a volcano would be a scary experience but i would still would like to see one.
Walk behind a Waterfall
I would want to walk behind a waterfall because it would be beautiful too see.
Go Bunjee Jumping
I want to go bunjee jumping because ever since i was a little girl i've always wanted to to do that.
See an Ice Burg
I want see the ice burg because i would like to see how big is it.
My bucket list are the things i would want to do before i die.
I would want to do this because i would like to know the feeling of riding a hot air balloon.
My Bucket List.
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