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style in I am sam

No description

Madison Bartlett

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of style in I am sam

Visual Analysis of Style
Technical Codes
• Body language
• Symbols
• Juxtaposoitioning
• Colours
• Costumes
• Appearance
• Facial expressions
• Eye line

style in i am Sam.
Juxtapositioning: Sam and Lucy vs Rita and Willie
Colour: blue
blue is a symbol of Sam's mental disability
whenever Sam feels that his disability makes him inadequate, the colour blue is present
other examples include; hospital scene to visit Lucy for the first time, court room scenes, school room when Sam meets with teachers
How does this influence our reading and response?
with the blue colours, comes dark shadows which creates a depressing, hopeless mood felt by Sam and the viewers
response of sympathy for Sam's inability to connect with certain aspects of the world around him because of his disability
How does this influence our reading and response?
We realise that Sam may be disabled, but he is the best parent for Lucy and will overcome his disability to keep her safe
We, therefore, see the child protection agency as the bad guys
Puts in contrast the two different parents and the fact that the ability to love is not affected by any disability
• Camera shot size
(long, close, extreme long, extreme close, mid)
• Camera angle (birds eye view, low angle high angle)
• Framing
• Composition
• Rule of thirds
• Focus
• Depth of field
• Lighting
• Shades
• Camera movement
(panning, tilt, tracking, crane, zoom)

eye level
close shot
focus & depth of field
facial expressions (symbolism)
How does this influence our reading and response?
the origami represents the barrier between Sam and the rest of society who do not see him as a compassionate human being, but only as a "retard"
the eye level shot makes this scene more intimate
the viewers can also see Sam's helpless facial expressions which creates a feeling of sympathy
we understand that we must break the barrier stopping people with disabilities from participating to their fullest potential in society
what is one aspect of style being used in this scene?
Written Techniques
• Headlines
• Captions
• Speech bubbles
• Language style
• Font size
• Font position
• Font colour
• Font type

Audio Techniques
• Soundtrack
(music beat, pace, volume, rhythm)
• Sound effects
• Dialogue
• Diegetic sound
(characters and audience can hear)
• Non-diegetic sound
(only viewers can hear)

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