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Caspergers'magazine lange versie Engelstalig


Sofie Sergeant

on 16 September 2017

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Transcript of Caspergers'magazine lange versie Engelstalig

What about you?
The pro and the contra about labeling...
Living with autism
Living with someone with autism

Autistic environments?

Inclusion: a good solution?

Universal design? Any ideas?

Let´s all have some autism (put it in the drinking water)?

- I "have" something: (and I´m not alone)
blow it on the autism...
- self-awareness
- self-esteem

Family, friends, school, collegues,...
- better understanding
- adapting behaviour
- adapting context
- prejudices
Monday, September 18, 2017

Vol XCIII, No. 311
What´s in a name?
Information on autism
"geek", "nerd", "übergeek", "übernerd", "gamer", "loser", "nerdy",...
Some history
"homo", "lesbian", "pinkie",...
About Autism
Prezi © DSiN
Made by Sofie Sergeant
With the kind support of Els Ronsse and Frank Wille

Brown. I.
What Is Meant By the Terms Intellectual Disability and Developmental Disability?
(in press; in the upcoming book A Comprehensive Guide to Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (2nd edition), Michael Wehmeyer, Ivan Brown, Maire Percy, Karrie Shogren, and Alan Fung, Editors. Paul H. Brookes Publishing Company.)

humor strictly allowed
1. Personal meaning:

2. Public meaning
3. The critical meaning
4. Definitional meaning
I have no disability.
My 'limitation' or 'challenge' is an aspect of a my body, of my life.
Others give labels and consider me as different.
This gives me the feeling "something is wrong with me.

Question for the students: How do you relate this to the story and the words used by Casper?
4 perspectives ->4 inter-related meanings of autism
The meaning as understood and used by members of the general public who are not in daily contact with disability (s.a. public media, popular culture, workplaces, social-culturul-religious institutions, law-related circles).

Questions for the students:

How do you relate this to the terms like "geek", "nerd"...?

Did this course change your opinion in some way? How?
Since the 90´s there has emerged world-wide a strong voice from within the wider disability community declaring itself to be a valid an necessary part of the human social order.

The term 'neurotypical' has been invited by people with autism to describe people without autism. NTs think they have no handicap. But is that so?

Question for the students:
Can you think of handicaps related to

(not) telling the truth, honesty
changing appointments that have been made
using (un)clear or vague language
acting (in)consequent

Formal definitions of autism spectrum disorders

f.e. DSM V.

Questions for the students:

What are the advantages of those professional definitions? What are the disadvantages or in what ways can we abuse those definitions?

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