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Technology Tips


Jim Dinner

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Technology Tips

Technology Tips File Saving Formats

Saving Images

Classroom Cables

Useful Links

Classroom Presentations

My Class Sites File Saving I found 26 different file saving formats
on Word 2003. What works at school? Save Word documents as DOC not DOCX

Save PowerPoints as 2000 or earlier

Use Google Docs - It always works. Inside Google Documents you will find;
Presentation Tools
Spreadsheet Tools
Word/Text Editing Tools
Form Tools Here is a quick exploration;
http://docs.google.com Saving Images Trying to get some images can be frustrating.
We are going to use the "Print Screen" key followed by "Paint".
Follow along...... Classroom Cables Audio and Video Cable Types;
Coaxial. Image only, still
needs the audio
cables RCA are the most common.
Here RCA is converted to
3.5mm stereo All High Def televisions have this
connector and it needs to be used in order to achieve the best results
Audio and Video signals are transfered in this cable. XLR is found in the GYM
and the music room S-Video is for Video signals only and not popular anymore. Regular house Cable.
IT gets the job done Useful Links http://cooltoolsforschools.wikispaces.com/

http://www.streetsvillesecondary.com/ Classroom Presentations Power Point GRRRRRRR Google Presentation PREZI Google Presentation Advantage.
It is on the Internet, therefore every computer in the school
will play it. Every student in the presentation work group
can manipulate it. PREZI is an awesome tool
and adds a little flash to a
presentation. Any Questions? My Class Sites This is a service found inside your email.
It can be a great tool to assist students in completing their work.
Here is an example..... And Finally, how do I make
the laptop image appear
on the projector? Answer:
Function+F3 (orF4) If you use PP, do you use the 'spacebar' and the 'backspace key'?
Try it during your next presentation. Type here
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