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Sexual Harassment

No description

Karina Askerova

on 4 November 2010

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Transcript of Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment March 5, 2010
Temirtau, Kazakhstan
Case # 453
Major Beletskiy is under the court, reason - sexual harassment of Aizhan Baizhanova, employee What is Sexual

Unwelcome sexual
behavior by a supervisor toward an employee Types of Sexual Harassment

Mother/Father Figure
Serial Harasser
... (more than 15 types) Power-player Harassment?

Harassers insist on sexual favors in exchange for benefits they can dispense because of their positions in hierarchies How to prevent Sexual Harassment?

Adopt a clear sexual harassment policy
Train employees
Train supervisors and managers
Monitor your workplace.
Take all complaints seriously Effects of Sexual Harassment

Decreased work
Increased absenteeism
Defamation of character and reputation
Loss of job and income
Anxiety and/or panic attacks
Fatigue or loss of motivation
Suicidal thoughts or attempts; suicide
and more... Kinds of conducting:

Verbal or written
Visual Types of harassers:

Public harassers
Private harassers
Predatory harassers
Dominance harassers
Strategic or Territorial harassers Is Vlad Guilty? Criminal Code, Article 123

Forcing a person to sexual intercourse, sodomy, lesbianism or other acts of a sexual nature by means of blackmail, threatening to destroy, damage or remove property, or using material or other dependence of the victim (the victim) - punishable by a fine of two hundred to five hundred monthly calculation indices, or in salary or other income for a period of two to five months, or correctional labor for up to two years, or imprisonment for up to six months, or imprisonment for up to two years. Statistics:

According to the research of Almaty crisis center "Friends", in 2007 women complain:
Prolonged unreasoned viewing (35%)
Unwanted touching (27%)
Sexual content compliments (25%)
Offensive comments on clothes (15%)
Statements that discriminate on the basis of sex companion (12%)
Offensive invitation to sexual activity (10%)
Proposals to sexual activity with the promise of promotion (8%). Thank you for attention! hi
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