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Phillipe Starks

No description

Alpha Omega

on 14 May 2012

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Transcript of Phillipe Starks

Philippe Patrick Stack
Born in January 18, 1949 in Paris France. He was son of an aerospace engineer. At the age 11 he enrolled in Nissim di Camondo school in Paris France. A few years later in 1968 he founded his first design film that was dedicated to created inflatable objects. One year later he became an artistic director of Cardin. When he was 23 years old he move to the United states and a few years later he move to Paris to establish his first nigh club that was name La main Bleu. After establishing his night club, in 1979 he established his own corporation call Starck Products when he became famous after remodeling the apartment of the French president Francois Mitterrand.

After this, all the years that came make Phillipe Stark more famous and more known around the world. That is why in the 80’s he design the yatch call La Fiamma for the Asahi corporation and also the Nani Nai in Tokyo and the interiors design for El Teatriz in Madrid Spain Philippe Stark Works 1982 - Starck Club, Dallas
1983/84 - Palais de l'Elysée, París
1984 - Café Costes, París
1985 - Restaurant Theatron, Méjico
1986 - Creeks, París; Jouet et Cie, París
1987 - Restaurant Manin, Tokyo; Lagouiole factory, Lagouiole; Maison Lemoult, París
1988 ¿ espacio para conciertos La Cigale, París, Café Mystiquw, Tokyo; Hotel Royalton, New York
1989 - Nani Nani, Tokyo
1990 - Agence design agency, París; Restaurante Asahi "La Flamme", Tokyo; Hotel Paramont, Nueva York; Restaurante Teatriz, Madrid
1991 - Boutique Hugo Boss, París
1992 - Salone Coppola, Milán; Le Baron Vert, Osaka, Japón
1993 - Groningen Museum, con Alessandro Mendini, Holanda
1994 - Peninsula Hotel, Restaurant Felix; Oyster Bar Hong Kong; Starck House 3, Suiza;
1995 - Hotel Delano, Miami Beach; Formentera House
1996 - Placido Arango Jr. House, Madrid
1997 - Asia de Cuba Restaurant, Nueva York; Hotel Mondrian, Hollywood; Torre de control, Burdeos, Francia
1998 - Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD), París, Francia 1999 - Hotel St. Martins Lane, Londres
2000 - Chez Bon, París; Hotel Sanderson, Londres; Hotel Hudson, Nueva York
2001 - Hotel Clift, San Francisco
2002 - TASCHEN Bookshop, París Awards 1980 - Oscar du luminaire
1985 - chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres
1986 - Premios Delta de la Plata
1987 - Platium Circle
1988 - Grand Prix National de la création industrielle, París
1990 - Interior Architecture Award
1991 - Twelfth Annual Interiors Award
1995 - Good design Award; Prix d'excellence Marie Claire Maison; Trophées du Design Batimat; Design Preis Schweiz; Auszeichnung für hüchste Designqualität
1998 - Auszeichnung für hohe Designqualität
2000 - iF Product Design Award; Distinction; Red Dot for High Design Quality
2000 - Gold ADEX; German Ranking Design Award; Good Design Award Personal Life He live in four cities: Paris, New York, Burano and London
. Each city has a purpose. In New York he do all the technical work related to his design, then he move to Paris and Burano were he also have offices in where he design and Paris is more place of socializing and make contacts in other words public relations.
He have been married 4 times and have 5 children. He recently is married to Jasmine Abdellatif. Ecology Against any object or architectural design that can affect the environment, Philippe Starck created a new brand of objects and design that are in favor to the environment
Created the oil for food call La Amarilla Oil
Also have been working with Fletco to developed new textiles
He have been working in the creation of a car based in Hydrogen Brands In 2004 Philippe Stark work with Puma, creating intelligent shoes
In 2006 he design underwear for the prestigious clothing firm call Ballatyne
In 2009 he decide to design kitchesn for Warendorf. “My father was an aeronautical engineer. For me it was a duty to invent” Subversive, ethical, ecological, political, humorous... this is how I see my duty as a designer References Philippe Patrick Starck born in January 19, 1949 n Paris France. He was the son Andre Starck who was an aerospace engineer and Jacqueline Lanourisse. Since he was a child he begin to developed a extreme desire for design . Also the job of his father has a lot of influence in his childhood. He always was trying to copy the design make by his father and at the same time he try to make new ones. Patrick Starck is what we call a child that born with a amount of knowledge different from other childs and also with other aspirations and dreams.

He begin studying at Notre Dame de Santa Cruz, but later his mother advice him to continue his studies at other school. That is why at the age of 11 years he decide to study at the Nissim de Camondo school in Paris , France. At this moment the beginning of the academic preparation of Starck begun. Developing his skills in design and having a fast advance in his class, at the age of 19 he created a company dedicated to created infable objects, this was the first step to the success and to become famous in the world. One year later in 1969 he became an art director at the film with Pierre Cardin.

In 1982 is when history and articles say that the career of Phillipe Starck really went up, after he design the interiors of the apartment of the french president call Franois Miterrand. Years later he was in charge of the remodeling and decoration of the hotels Paramount and Royalton in New York. Biography
In 1979 he established his company call Stark Product. Later, in 1989 he was in charge of the creation of the building for the company Asashi Beer in Hong Kong

But after years of designing interiors of buildings and hotels he decide to diversificated his himself designing other things like personal products and objects for personal use. That is why in 1989 he created toothbrushes and in 1990 the Juicy Salif a machine to make natural juice. He is also the art director of Virgin Galactic. Interior Designs Café Costes Café Costes is one of the most famous interiors work of Philippe Patrick Starck. Starck design the interios from the objects that are inside of it to the shape of the walls and the floors. This was one of the works that make Philippe Starck famous Palais de L’ Elisee The President of France in 1982 ask him to remodelated the rooms of the Palace . The Palais de L’ Elisse is where the president of France live during his command or his position as President Theatron Philippe Starck design in 1985 the interiors for the restaurant Theatron in Mexico. Kong The interiors of this restaurant located in the center of Paris was design by Philippe Starck in 2003 Asia de Cuba The Interiors of this restaurant in New York city was design by Phillipe Starck in 1997. Bon 2000 Maison Bacarrat, Paris (2003) Katsuya Brentwood Katsuya Brentwood is a brand of restaurants of asian food . This one is located in los Angeles and was his interiors were design by Starck in 2008. Also Philippe Starck have design all the interior of the Katsuya Restaurants Katsuya Hollywood The same as the other Katsuya restaurant but this one located in Hollywood, it was design by Philippe Starck in 2008. Philippe Starck has decorated and design all the restaurant from the line of Katsuya Lan, Beijing (2007) XVI , Los Angeles (2008) SLS Beverly Hills (2008) Katsuya Glendale (2008) Bon l, Paris (2002) Café La Cigale, Paris (2010) Le Royal Monceu, Paris(2010) Mama Shelter, Paris (2008) Fasano Rio de Janeiro (2007) Clift Hotel, San Francisco (2001) Buildings Gronigen Museum The Gronigen Museum is located in Netherlands. One of the designers that work in the remodelation of it, was Philippe Starck. This Museum contains the art pieces of painters like Mendini. It has a restaurant inside it. It also have a room of collection of modern art, also a room dedicated to the gold and Philippe Starck design the area that is related to the applied arts. Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts It was established in 1766 by the Ministry of Culture and Communication. It is dedicated to teach and prepare professionals in the area of Interior Design, Art Space, Animated Film, Object design. Philippe Starck was in charge of the remodelation of the exteriors of the school. Nani Nani It was design by Philippe Starck in 1987. The Nani Nani is located in Tokyo Japan. Is make of polished Aluminum. And is consider one of the most famous creation of the designer Philippe Starck. The dimensions of the building are 2-3/4 inches ( 15.6 x 11.1 x 7 cm) Asahi Beer Hall Is one of the Tokyo notable landmark. It was design by Philippe Starck and it construction was finish in 1989. The entrance of the Asahi Beer Hall is a curving gold panel cover with gray velvet and the curves resemble human forms, which make this place unique. Le Baron Vert Is a office building in Osaka Japan. And it was design by Philippe Starck in 1991. In the back of the building it has a cementery and in front the main street . Tour De Controle Bordeux It was established in 1917 as a military base, later in became a center of training for the French Air force and also it became the headquarters of Air France. It was attacked in 1948 . Philippe Starck was in charge of remodeling the control tower in 1995. Port Andriano Port Adriano is located the Meditarrean . This port is one of the most important port of the Baleares islands. It was founded in 1992, it disposed of 404 spaces between the 6 to 18 meters. Philippe Starck in 2010 make a new design in order to remodeled the port. Virgin Galactic Spaceport Philippe Starck is in charge of the desingn of the Virgin Galactic spaceport in New Mexico. This will be the place where the spaceship of the virgin galactic will depart. Also Philippe Starck is the art director of this company. Cars Hydrogen Car Playwood Car Volteis Motorcycles Super Naked XV X-Ray The motorcycle X- Ray was design by Philippe Starck for the company Aprilia. This motorcycle is easy to drive according to the fabric , his weight is 150 kg and it has a smooth suspension LAMA The scooter Lama was design by Philippe Starck for the company Aprilia but it never went to the market. W-800 Tramway Boats Motor Yatch A Tender A Wedge Too Ara lll Yoor References http://serenavacas.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/motos-excentricas-x-ray-1996/
http://www.thatsdesign.it/?page_id=1046 http://www.biografias.es/famosos/philippe-starck.html
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