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WIlliam Golding Life PowerPoint

I will research the life of William Golding and create a 5 slide PowerPoint on his life.

Angelica Morales

on 20 January 2012

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Transcript of WIlliam Golding Life PowerPoint

William Golding was born September 19, 1911 William Golding Here are some books that won awards for... Darkness Invisible winning the James Tait Black Memorial Prize. Lord of the Flies Rites of Passage was published, winning the Booker McConnell Prize. William Golding also won the Nobel Prize in Literature 1983
Cited Page: http://www.william-golding.co.uk/


Mr. William Golding passed away at the age of 81, in his home in Perranarworthal, England. He was mainly a novelist, his writing also included short stories, dramas, plays, essays and poetry.
He attended Oxford University to get his English degree. Rites of passage When WIlliam died he left behind several volumes of daily journals recording his innermost thoughts and trying out all kinds of ideas. Parts of it was published as 'The Dream Journals' in Arete (Issue Sixteen, Winter 2004, pp. 25-42).

He had two kids and a wife. His most famous one is:
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