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Supporting your child in Literacy

No description

Marie Todd

on 27 February 2017

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Transcript of Supporting your child in Literacy

The importance of talk/ oral language -

Phonemic awareness is the ability to notice, think about, and work with the individual sounds in words

Phonological awareness manipulating language, words eg, syllables, rhyme, alliteration
and onsets and rimes

Children learn individual letter
sounds, and how to manipulate
these to write and read words

Beginning Foundations
"Reading and Writing float on a sea of talk"
Reading at Home
Reading Diary - targets, positive praise and encouraging comments

Pictures help children to work out unknown words, very useful strategy

Be patient, give your child time to work out words

Poetry books- every Friday, share with your

Be a role model,
Dads a very important !

Children use their phonemic knowledge to 'sound out'-
break words into sounds

Work through a process- understand letter sounds, recognise, and remember letters, then write in a specific order

What happens in class?
Whole class writing, teacher models a story
Independent writing
Alphabet cards to support
Word walls
Goals cards

How can you support at home?
Encourage opportunities to write, shopping lists, cards, letters, stories, captions to photos
Ask questions, what sounds can you hear?
Celebrate all attempts, correct spellings will come
Learn, when is the best time for reading with your child ?

Learning alphabet, then simple sight words, how you can support

What to do when your child becomes frustrated?

Make it a fun and positive time with your child

Remember your child can only concentrate for their age plus 1 minute, ideally no more than 10 minutes

Reading and Writing
Supporting your child in Literacy
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