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L3 - Methods of Recruitment

No description

Anya Cinnamon Machin

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of L3 - Methods of Recruitment

L3 - Methods of Recruitment
Anya Cinnamon Machin
national press
National Press is a method of recruitment, for example something that is published and put into a worldwide newspaper, In Britain there is newspapers such as The guardian, The times and the national press,
Pretty much the National press in the requirement part in a newspaper that is there to help you find a job in a certain industry.
The newspapers that I stated above are newspapers that are there to give you the opportunity to try out for jobs in the creative media industry this is what the national press basically is here for, to help you discover new found jobs in the creative media industry
Trade Press
Trade Press is a recruitment method, Trade press is associated for a certain area for example, journalists will have there own newspaper associated with new things they can write about and new jobs to be getting on with and actors will have there own newspaper where everything is advertised to them like new acting possibility.
So Trade press is pretty much a newspaper that has something in for you in the scene of jobs for example a presenter would want a newspaper that tells him/her about new presenting jobs not a newspaper that tells him/her about new jobs for journalism
The Internet
The Internet is an extremely powerful tool used by the creative media to pull people in, for example social networking sites such as Facebook has been used to advertise jobs and opportunity for the creative media industry also social networking sites such as my space and twitter, The internet advertises all over for new creative media industry jobs for example say i type in on the internet journalism jobs needed opportunity would be thrown at me to get a job and to help me find a job in the creative media industry.
The Internet is also used against us in a seance when it comes down to jobs as your employee will look at the social networking sites that you are on to see what type of person you are, you can find out a lot about a persons life through there social networking sites and it can ruin your opportunity in life a lot and this is why our sites should be locked and also appropriate
Word of mouth

Word of mouth is for example having a good contact and asking them for a job and them saying I'm sorry there is no jobs available with me, but I can give you someone else details' this is a really good example of word of mouth as it is finding out about someone through someone else,
Word of mouth is pretty much someone telling you something personally and you using that given information to do something with for example get a job in the creative media industry through the contact details someone gave you
Personal Contacts
A personal contact is details of another person that you can use either as a number an email or a message or letter,
Personal contacts are information on another person that helps you get in touch with them, A personal contact can go with the saying 'its not what you know its who you know' for example if you have someone in the creative media industry's contact and personal contact information then you have a better chance of getting in yourself personal contact details is a really good way of getting into a certain industry
internal promotion
Internal promotion is giving worker who already work there a chance to move up, basically 'working your way up the ladder' it is starting from the very bottom and going to the very top,
In a creative media industry there is only 200'000 people at any one time working, yet there are 30'000 people a year are studying media and there inst a lot of jobs in the creative media industry do you have to start at the very bottom and work your way up
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