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BuzzBee Studio B

No description

Peter Nelson

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of BuzzBee Studio B

What, who, and what it means for you Studio B What? Several months ago, Buzzbee made a decision to capitalize on our growing
& to build a best-in-class design team Today we welcome the pioneering members of that team. Stacy Dorn Production Designer, costume-wearin cat lover,
and card-carrying member of the MPDA
(Multiple Personality Designers of America) Peter Nelson Production Designer, father of a billion and 3 children, and overall tired guy They're suuuuper talented...embarrassingly smart...and creatively creative. They're like that. Who? two art directors Our goal: Close your eyes and picture the coolest thing you can imagine... What does this mean for you? For now, the process stays the same Project Managers on each team will work directly with Peter & Stacy to set up work... Nate will negotiate priorities as needed... and we'll continue to outsource any additional workloads. In the not-so-distant future,

(that's an interiminim name only)

will develop its own way of managing projects. Studio B You've been warned. India ...now multiply that by 1000. here's the official Studio B Org Chart Anyways... If you have any questions... ask this guy... Yet to be hired: or that one Mark McGuane Some snowboard designer
who wandered in by mistake
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