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First Semester - Anthroplogy Seminar Presination

Lisa Morgan

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Sociopaths

social influence influence
SOCIO refers to
change in the
thinking process
due to negative
social upbringing
Disorganized in thinking and goals
Unable to maintain relationships
Directionless Psychologists describe sociopathy as a condition characterized by repetitive behavioral patterns that are contrary to the usual moral and ethical standards and cause a person to experience continuous conflicts with society. A person with this illness overlooks the rights others and is incapable of loyalty to others or to social values.The symptoms include: aggression callousness, impulsiveness, irresponsibility, hostility, a low frustration level & poor judgement. The fact that sociopaths are placed in the category of mental illnesses called anti-social personality disorders, this often breeds large misconception because many people hear the word anti-social and think that this means that sociopaths alienate themselves from society, but in actuality they are deemed anti-social because they refuse acknowledge the boundaries of the law. Refusing to conform to the laws that society enforces because they see them as senseless and therefore nonexistent
Conscienceless, inability to feel guilt, fear, sadness or take responsibility for their actions
Masters at mimicking other people's emotions and applying them in the right situations
Egotistical to the point of narcissism
Charming, manipulative, intriguing characters: allow people to like, trust and flock to them
Pathological liars, able to rationalize behaviors
Most people won't even know that they've been dealing with a sociopath until that have caused disastrous emotional, psychological or physical abuse
It is often assumed that the only sociopaths that are out there are the ones that the world are aware of; most are unknown because they keep their immoral tendencies within the boundaries of the law - high functioning sociopaths in powerful positions THE FOUR FACES
Common Sociopaths
Alienated Sociopaths
Aggressive Sociopaths
Dyssocial Sociopaths Other Personality Disorders
Borderline Personality disorder
Narcissistic personality disorder
Psychopathy The Psychopath
Genetic predisposition
PSYCHO refers to neurological defects that occur before birth
premeditate plans
Can maintain relationships
Goal oriented
Many are ambitious and attain positions of power A LOOK ON THE INSIDE Young children, who are traumatically abused from the early stages development or are never taught the importance of expressing emotions or the necessity of abiding by rules shape their behavioral patterns accordingly
The child who turned off their emotions to shield themselves from abuse, turns into the adult who can't remember what its like to feel or relate to other
DIAGNOSIS &TREATMENT SOCIOPATHS & PSYCHOPATHS Anti-social personality disorders are one of the hardest to diagnose and treat because seldom do people with abnormalities in their personality perceive or want to accept that something is wrong with their behavior
This is especially true of sociopathy, because sociopaths have an insatiable amount of self-worth, rendering any type of behavioral therapy useless. The only times when sociopaths will end up be evaluated by a psychiatrist is either by a loved one forcing them to seek help or if they are incarcerated and subjected to psychological evaluation As far as treatment goes, is there simply is none. there is no drug that can re-wire someone's brain and bring forth the conscience that they've never had or lost in the early stages of childhood. Psychologists hope that in the years to come, by studying and conducting research on these individuals a form of treatment will be produced. SOCIOPATHS IN
SOCIETY The common stereotype is that you need to hide your kids and your wife from a sociopath because they seek to kill and destroy and while is this true for extreme cases, most of the sociopaths in society function just as normally as anyone else does, and unless they pose a threat to society, the law cannot just lock them in institutions and obliterate the key. They are still human beings, and if we went back to the days of seeing mental illness and denouncing it, we would be undermining the very principles that we criticize sociopaths for not embracing. We must try to understand the people in our society so that we can achieve a greater understanding of human behavior and the dangerous affects of child abuse in any form. The Causes The Brain Structure Scientists, theorists and psychologists have conducted research on the composition of the brain of a sociopath and determined that their brain is constructed entirely different from that of a empathic.
Reduced connections between the ventromedial prefrontal cotex which compherehnds and intiates feelings of empathy and guilt
the amygdala, which produces anxiety and fear
less gray matter in the area of the brain responsible for understanding and relating to emotions Caused by negative social experience which caused the conscience develop insufficiently The two terms are often used interchangeably and while there are many similarities, they are not identical disorders
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