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Can mobile phone

No description

Farzana Kamarudin

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Can mobile phone

Can mobile phones

Maternal and antenatal care
Can be directed to the
or the
people looking after them
Front line workers use of app to track and report suspected and confirmed cases.
Reduce report time by half, then 3/4 by practically real time
Nigeria - eHealth and Information System Nigeria
Ebola-free: phones exported to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea
You check the guidelines!
Examples of mobile apps
Galway University Hospital Antimicrobial Guidelines
Developed in order to combat the global problem of antibiotic misuse
Allows all GUH staff to ensure they're using the right antibiotics and in the right dose
Reduces the chance of antibiotic resistance, and if more hospitals implement this, hopefully we'll stop creating antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria
"Heart age"
"Healthier option when shopping"
Tracks every step
you take, allows you to input
, also can be used as a
heart monitor
"Smartphones will account for two out of three mobile phones globally by 2020, and 4 out of every 5 of smartphones connection worldwide will come from the developing world" - GSMA
Our presentation shows a large number of ways in which mobile phones can improve our health. Though there are many more benefits, there are also some negative aspects to the use of mobile phones....
Data Collection
Txteagle, Jana, Kaggle
Algorithms - derive info from
call logs
Map travel patterns
Disease surveillance
- used in Kenya to identify patterns in the spread of malaria
Used to calculate the
death toll in Syria
City planning

- development of slums after natural disaster and crop failure
future global health

Use of mobile device in community and clinical health data delivery of healthcare info to doctors, researcher and patients.
Monitor patients 'vital signs in real time and direct provision of care.
Biomonitoring heart rate, ECG, EEG, BP and blood sugar.
Mobile phones reaches out globally all around the world nowadays
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