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Delaney Tatarka

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Mitosis

By: Vishnu, Delaney, McCall, Faith, and Max Phase S The next phase is the S phase, it is in Interphase. The cell duplicates it's chromosomes to make 2x the DNA so it has some for each daughter cell. Phase G1 Prophase Mitosis During Prophase:
The chromatin organizes into chromatids
The nuclear membrane comes apart
the nucleolus disappears. Anaphase In Anaphase the spindle fibers pull apart
the chromosomes and move back towards the cell wall. Metaphase During Metaphase the chromosomes all line up in the middle. After they are all aligned,
the spindle fibers attach themselves to the chromosomes. INTERPHASE Step 1! Mitosis is the amount of time in which the cell prepares to make two cells but Interphase is when the cell grows then duplicates the DNA for both cells and double checks to make sure the process is done. Cytokinesis During Mitosis, the nucleus and its contents divide. Mitosis happens in four stages. The first is.... Phase: G2 Telophase In Animal cells: The cytoplasm pinches
in and makes two daughter cells.
In Plant cells: The cell plate forms in the
middle separating the cell into two daughter
cells. In Telophase, two new nuclei form. Each have the same number of chromatids. The nuclear membranes regrow. Also, the nucleolus reappears. In of Phase G2 in Interphase, the cell makes sure it has duplicated the right amount of chromosomes, or if repairs are needed. During G1 the cell gets larger, over a long period of time. Soon, it reaches the appropriate size for the next phase. the end yummy
yummy scooby doo will kill you Mitosis
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