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3.01 U.S History

No description

Alyssa Smith

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of 3.01 U.S History

3.01 U.S History
Intervention is the involvement by a foreign power in the affairs of another nation. Which the U.S typically avoided because of their policy on isolationism.
The United States attempts to mediate in the Venezuela-Great Britain dispute in 1895 is a form of this.
The event took place because Britain was greedy. It discovered gold in Venezuela's land so it decided to change their nation's borders so they could lay claim to the gold.
Venezuela did not like this and pleaded to the U.S for aid after cutting ties with Britain. They cited the Monroe document which stated that if Europe tried to colonize South or North America it would be a form of aggression and require U.S intervention.

Isolationism is a policy of staying out of foreign affairs especially the political. This is what the U.S heavily did until WW1.
When the U.S declined to give aid to Hungarian patriots in 1989 it was practicing isolationism. They did not want to bring war to their own lands when already dealing with the aftermath of a civil war. The U.S did however help free Hungarian leaders but it did not recognize Hungary as an independent country.
Imperialism is a country expanding its power by military force or money and acquiring colonies. Europe did this a lot but the U.S didn't until the early 1900s.
Turner's Thesis sparked what would be the U.S's interest in seeking new frontiers in foreign lands. Another influence to motivate the U.S government was Alfred's book The Influence of sea upon history. It got the govt. thinking of expanding its naval base to other countries.
The U.S annexing Hawaii in the 1900's would be a form of this because its acquiring a colony that would become a state.
The U.S had many natural resources but not everything. They took Hawaii in hopes of sugar for their economy.
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