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Copy of Weather vs. Climate Review

This "prezi" reviews the main ideas about weather and climate. A main focus is on the difference between the two terms. Additionally, climate zones are discussed.

tariq hopkins

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Weather vs. Climate Review

Weather vs Climate

Time to start your review. You should have the following items handy:
supplemental sheet with questions
study guide
4-square organizers on weather, climate, and the three climate zones
a pen or pencil
your Catastrophic Events manual

When you are ready, click on the right arrow at the bottom of the screen.

Happy studying!!! "Weather" is different than "climate" "Weather" is the state of the air at a certain time and a certain place. Look outside.
What is the weather today in Medford? Weather is caused by the heating and cooling of our atmosphere. Let's first talk about "weather".
Circle or highlight these main points in your study guide. Add to your study guide if any of the main points are missing. Now let's talk about "climate".
Follow along in your study guide. Highlight these main points. Did you really see this when you looked outside? I know...it was wishful thinking. It is a nice change from our snowy winter, and a good example of great "weather."
Which layer of the atmosphere contains the greatest amount of gases?
Is this layer closest or farthest from the sun?
In what layer of the atmosphere does weather occur?
If weather is caused by the heating and cooling of our atmosphere, what heats and cools the atmosphere in the layer that weather occurs?
Different places in the world have different kinds of weather for extended time periods. These differences make weather zones called "climates." We could say that "weather makes climate." (good topic for a short answer question...don't you think?) There are 3 basic climate zones. Climate zones are based on how much direct or indirect sunlight they receive. Climate zones are sometimes also based on the amount of moisture they receive. Look at the diagram and answer the following questions.
What climate zone is represented by the letter "a"?
Which climate zone is represented by the letter "c"?
The letter "b" represents the climate zone in which we live. What is it called?
T or F The polar zones are at a higher latitude and therefore receive angled sunlight
What zone covers 0 degrees latitude? What is the imaginary line at 0 degrees latitude called?
Here are some more questions to think about.
Why is the atmosphere in the polar zones so cold?
Why is the atmosphere in the tropical zones so warm?
Where does both warm and cold weather occur? To find out if you answered all of the questions in this review correctly, check out the associated video and see what your favorite science teacher has to say!
The video is just one more "right arrow" click away...ENJOY!

You remember the atmosphere, don't you? Five layers...troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and exosphere.

Now let's answer some questions! Good Work!
You've now reviewed the differences between "climate" and "weather." doyle is a driver for southern pacific rail road here is the engine he uses to me he is nice he is serious he will get the job done and be remembered his engines will be remembered to for running steam locomotives with pride
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