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Solar Energy

No description

Alex Anderson

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Solar Energy

Solar Energy Direct Solar Energy When there is one step between
sunlight and energy Indirect Solar Energy When there are multiple steps between sunlight and energy What is Solar Energy? Solar Energy is the radiant energy produced by the sun. Direct Solar Energy When there is one step between sunlight and energy. Wind Energy Solar Energy Hydropower When a water source is dammed up to build up pressure. Biomass When biological material that has used photosynthesis recently is used to generate electricity or make fuel. Wind Energy When a wind energy system uses wind to spin it's blades that cause drive shafts to power a generator. Solar Panels Photovoltaic Effect The process of converting solar radiation into electricity. How We Use Solar Energy in Our Lives and the Future of Solar Energy The Future of Solar Energy Film Solar Panels VS Disadvantages Solar Energy and Coal Energy High Cost
Required Space
Sometimes Unreliable Mining Accidents
Waste Coal
Waste Heat
Greenhouse Gas
Global Warming Advantages Solar Energy and Coal Energy Rebates
Environmentally Friendly
Mostly Reliable Affordable
Easy to burn
Reliable Global Warming Solar Ponds, Plants, and Farms Solar Energy's Effect on the Environment Active Solar Energy Solar energy that has moving parts
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