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Benefits of Brownfield Redevelopment

No description

Natalie Brown

on 13 April 2017

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Transcript of Benefits of Brownfield Redevelopment

Benefits of Brownfield Redevelopment
Who is The Millennial?!?
MWMO Community Facility
For every acre of brownfield redeveloped, 4.5 acres of greenfield are preserved

As of September 2014, 77,502 acres have been enrolled in MPCA VIC and PB programs
House prices near redeveloped brownfields increased up to 32%
Clyde Park, Duluth
Economic benefits in Minnesota- by the numbers
Why redevelopment matters
Redevelop, baby, redevelop!
Compact, smart growth could save the MSP region $3 billion in infrastructure costs
60 days, ~$150,000
The Brownfield Gap Financing Program with Hennepin County and Minnesota Brownfields= highly successful and in-demand
Jabbok Family Services
What next?
Large (and small!) redevelopment opportunities remain: Ford Plant Site, Rice Creek Commons, Atlas Industrial Park, UMore Park, Central Corridor
Benefits of Brownfield Redevelopment research has been sporadic- Minnesota Brownfields is looking for a state partner to have regular updates
Thank you!
20-57% reduction in VMT and GHG

Land Recycling 101 --> Benefits of Cleanup and Redevelopment
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