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Pamela Shelly

No description

Anka Ravesta

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Pamela Shelly

The Case
Pamela Shelly, age 31, was found dead in her Cuero,Texas home in 2001. Her death was first ruled a suicide but the case was reopened seven years later by Dewitt County Sheriff investigator Sgt. Carl Bowen

Weapon Found
In the house was a .32 Caliber Revolver

The Trajectory of the Bullet
In 2012 the case was re-opened and Hendrick was tried once again.

The Outcome
A plea by the defendant Tuesday afternoon means there will be no need for a murder trial here after all.
Ronnie Joe Hendrick, 41, pled guilty to killing his girlfriend 12 years ago at his home in Westhoff.
At a hearing Tuesday afternoon with District Judge Skipper Koetter, Hendrick pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 22 years in prison.

Pamela Shelly
By Anka and Matt

Shelly was a mother in the small town of Cuero, Texas.During an argument Ronnie Hendrick(Right) supposedly pushed Kayla (daughter). After the argument Shelly told Hendrick she was leaving him for good. While Applying make-up Kayla heard her mother scream and as she rushed to her mother, she found Shelly on the ground with a bullet wound to her head.

The Gun Holster
The Weapon
And Make-up

The Spot Shelly Died
In 2001 Shelly's death was ruled a suicide
The Case was re-opened when TNT brought
in a new series called "Cold Justice"
From there the cast helped the
police department prove Shelly's death
as a murder.
Claims the shot was
unusual for a suicide.
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