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Copyright lesson plan for SIRLS 584

Trisha Burns

on 24 March 2010

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Transcript of Copyright

What is Copyright? What does What is fair use? What is public domain? What can be copyrighted? Copyright is a right given to a person who creates a work. This right allows the owner to:
reproduce the work
distribute copies
perform the work publicly
display the work publicly
prepare "spin off" work Public domain is the name given to works that are no longer under copyright protection. This happens mostly because of the age of the work. Fair use are exceptions to copyright rules. There are four guidelines that can be used to help you determine if a copyrighted work can be used without permission and without having to worry about getting into trouble. The symbol represents copyright. It is how a person knows that a work is under copyright. A work is not required to have the symbol to be under copyright. Pantomimes and choreographic works Motion pictures Pictorial, graphic, and sculpted works Sound recordings Literary works Musical works Architectural works Dramatic works mean? Guideline 1- What is the purpose of your use?
Legal - teaching, research, news reporting
Illegal - making money, no credit to author Guideline 2 - What is the nature of your use?
Legal - Factual, important to education
Illegal - Creative work, fiction Guideline 3 - How much are you using?
Legal - small amount that is not crucial
Illegal - Large or entire work Guideline 4 - What is the effect on the market?
Legal - No major effect on the market
Illegal - Major effect on market, no need to buy the copyrighted work now Let's test your knowledge Situation 1 - You loan your new Jonas Brothers CD to your best friend.
Is there any copyrighted material in this situation? What?
Is this a fair use? Why?
Situation 2 - You loan your new Jonas Brothers CD to your best friend. She loves it so much, so she makes her own copy of the CD.
What is different about this situation? Situation 3 - You are working on a report for science class. You find a really good book and copy a couple of paragraphs from the book into your report. You then find a couple of really nice pictures on the internet and also include those your report.
What materials are copyright protected in this situation?
Is this fair use? Why? What is copyright? What can be copyrighted? What is public domain? What is fair use? ? What is copyright? What is public domain? what does mean? What is fair use?
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