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Collective Rights: Chinese Canadians

No description

Sarah Jacklin

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Collective Rights: Chinese Canadians

Part 1 1. What are collective rights?

Collective rights are a group of rights made for a specific group of people. The rights are only given to the main groups of people in Canada The Aboriginals, francophone, and the Anglophones. The other groups, the minority groups have different collective rights then the main groups in Canada What legislation has established the collective rights of groups in Canada today?

The Charter of Rights and freedoms is full of all rights and freedoms that Canadians are given. also the Constitution is a big part as well. The Charter and Constitution are not exactly the same but are like brother and sister Why do some groups have collective rights and others don't?
Only some groups have rights because they have more people in them. Also some may not be in the Charter Of Rights and Freedom as in they are a minority group which means there are fat less people in these groups unlike the Francophones, Anglophones, and aboriginals. Why are collective rights important to Canadians?
Collective rights are important to Canadians because they give us the rights and freedoms we deserve and have earned. Also they helps make Canada a better country and makes life easier to enjoy. The chinese are known greatly for working on the Canadian Pacific Railroad that went from one side of Canada to the other (West to East) Part two Who are the chinese Canadians?
The Chinese Canadians are, as explained by the name are Canadians who are chinese. They make up only 4% of the people in Canada They are best known for their work on the C.P.R. (Canadian Pacific Railway).over 7000 men from China came to work on the railway for only a $1.00 a day, while the other men got paid more then twice as much. Even though they got paid very little they still had to pay for food, camp and clothing. How Did The Chinese Canadians live while working on the C.P.R.?
The Chinese Canadians living conditions were very poor and even poorer compared to the other workers. They ate dried salmon and rice while drinking water and tea. most became ill with scurvy from lack of vitamin C. Many got hurt and were ill and only had herbal cures to help them even though they were very noneffective in most cases. They also had to carry extremely heavy bags over their shoulders for around 40kms a day. What types of rights did the Chinese Canadians get during these times and what rights do they have now?
Back when they started building the railway the Chinese Canadians had really no rights nor freedoms. They were treated awful and had no respect from anyone but their own race. Others looked down on them and treated them as if they were better then them. Now they have a specific part in the Charter Of Rights and Freedoms under "immigrants" These are some of the men working on the railway
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