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Important Humanists During the Renaissance

No description

Mark Sotelo

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Important Humanists During the Renaissance

Artist & Scientist Leonardo Da Vinci What Key Elements were
Proposed by this thinker? What Motivated the people
in authority to limit change? Da Vinci had created seven famous paintings
including the mona lisa and the last supper.In
these paintings, Da Vinci had used a new
religious theme of art that portrayed
concepts of humanism Actually, Da Vinci was strongly supported by the medici family and was protected by Giuliano de Medici. Though humanism was a threat to the church, Da Vinci was supported by the pope. Although, Da Vinci and three other men were charged with sodomy What Key elements of Humanism
were proposed by this thinker What motivated this thinker to
challenge long held beliefs? What motivated the citizens
to seek change? What Motivated the people in
authority to limit change In His Majesty's Service:
Humanism Revealed By: Mark-Angelo Sotelo What motivated this thinker to challenge long held beliefs? Da Vinci was born in Florence, which at the time was the centre of christian humanist thought and culture. Because of this, he was taught under humanism What motivated the citizens to
seek change? When the citizens viewed Da Vinci's paintings,
people realized that God gave everyone an equal chance. Through those paintings, peasants determined to excel and succeed like wealthy people. Galileo Galilei Scientist/Astronomer Galilieo had built a telescope that could see ten times more stars than an unaided eye. This was used to also look at the moons of Jupiter as well. Galileo felt that God made it his task to discover the secrets of the universe. Also, to expose the lies of the church. Some citizens were unhappy that the church was in control of the society. Some of those citizens decided to interpret the bible. So some of the citizens were supporting Galileo. The church had felt that if they had been proven wrong by Galileo, the people would stop relying on them. So, they had summoned Galileo to Rome. Galileo had been charged of heretical actions and put under house arrest. Although this didn't stop Galileo... Fin
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