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Destination Marketing

No description

Ellie Williams

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Destination Marketing

South Pacific Marketing Strategy Unique selling points Authentic diversity of cultures throughout South Pacific Islands
Continuously adopting environmental and economical sustainable tourism practices in light of climate change
Global proximity to Australian target market Marketing Strategy Situational/ Destinational Analysis Action Plans Performance Measures Target Market Australian outbound tourists travelling to the South Pacific region for romantic occasions

Principal target market being married couples between the ages of 20-50

Close proximity of the South Pacific in relation to Australia allows for relatively short, inexpensive flights, along with the strong Australian dollar making this an extremely viable target market Vision Reposition South Pacific as most desirable island destination for Australian outbound tourists travelling for romantic occasions, in light of climate change

To create an ecologically sustainable image for this destination whilst simultaneously illuminating the destinations current attributes, most notably the South Pacific historical and unique culture Mission Promote South Pacific as a tropical and natural island destination making proactive steps towards climate change adaptation

Marketing strategy will emphasise variety of eco-friendly activities and locations within destination

South Pacific branded as unique and untouched honeymooner’s delight, boasting friendly culture and beautiful untouched beaches Marketing Goals Increase travel activities by Australians to the South Pacific region for the purpose of romantic occasions (weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries and other couple related activities).

Increase and promote climate friendly tourism activities that are ecologically and economically sustainable to the South Pacific region

Reassert and reposition the destinations attributes, increasing awareness of the rare and historically preserved culture in the South Pacific Marketing Strategies “United South Pacific”

Link islands and advertise competitive packages
Maximize economic benefits from visiting tourists
(Tourists will have option to donate money for South Pacific climate change adaptation and mitigation AND Option to offset carbon emissions from flight travel) Campaign Message 1. Australians can experience an unforgettable romantic holiday in the South Pacific that is 3S and cultural rich

2. Couples can feel good about their South Pacific getaway with low-impact tourism Viewers to develop understanding of enormous economic reliance South Pacific has on tourism operations
Require help from developed world to combat climate change impacts on the region
Climate change is real and happening now, devastating impacts are being felt throughout the South Pacific region already
By purchasing low-impact tourism packages, holiday goers are supporting South Pacific and their adaption to climate change Strong emphasis on sustainable tourism practices heavily promoted within campaign
Notion will in turn raise awareness of climate change issues
How tourists can minimize environmental footprints to lessen climate change impacts “Green South Pacific”:

Coining an image in tourist’s mind of an environmentally friendly destination

Re-work the destination, attempting to relieve pressure from recent climate disasters in this region “Untouched South Pacific”:

Communicate the unique cultural elements of destination, reinforcing the separation of the South Pacific from the outside world Market Summary P.E.S.T Political

South Pacific functions on a constitutional law, strong presence of provincial governing

Ultimately operates with the foundations of democracy

Various political policies and organisations within South Pacific facilitate relationship between Australia and South Pacific Economic

South Pacific extremely fragile economy

Tourism vital sector within the South Pacific’s economy

South Pacific’s economy relies on external money to generate growth

May 11 2011 the Fijian dollar bought $0.5261 of the Australian dollar

Dependence of South Pacific’s economy on external economies has created potential for economic destabilisation Social

South Pacific shaped by intrinsic culture

Health and low socio-economic status are key social issues working against growth of tourism

General social acceptance of incoming tourists permits growth Technological

External developments in technology such as growth of internet and low coast air carriers foster the growth of tourism within this region

Internal development of technology limiting

Technological developments inconsistent- cripples the growth of technology in the South Pacific Customer Analysis Rest and relaxation Travellers Niche SPTO survey projected majority number of tourists attracted to South Pacific region motivated by romantic occasion

Packages for the purposes of weddings, honeymoons or anniversaries accounted for 52% of South Pacific tourist travel

More than 5.2 million visitor arrivals from Australia in 2004 (Tourism Australia, 2004)

Success relies in promoting the islands to Australian tourists travelling to region for romantic occasions. Survey results: Island destinations within South Pacific region vary in number of airports, accommodation facilities and flights from Australia

Fiji most popular tourist destination with largest carrying

Islands most visited by target market also have highest number of direct flights from Australia Product Analysis Product Inventory SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Competitor Analysis Other destinations around world such as the Caribbean and Hawaii, offer similar 3S romantic holiday experiences

Difficult to promote South Pacific as unique island destination when competitors offering almost identical products and packages

Downfall of competitors is that they are located further from target market and lack historic links they share with Australia Marketing Communications Online banners with direct links to SPTO website for further information

Travel trade shows, travel exhibitions, and sustainable tourism promotions

Online marketing attempts will consist of further development of the South Pacific travel websites and online tourist guides

Creatively placed adverts supporting South Pacific green tourism and climate change mitigation and adaptation

Television advertisements:
Short television ad campaign will be developed to promote our product and sustainable tourism practices
Shown during prime television viewing times Marketing through variety of different media forms, both online and offline

Digital marketing:
radio, television, internet and social media marketing

Direct marketing
pamphlets, catalogue distributions and promotional letters

Bulk of advertising efforts will take place alongside bridal and wedding advertisements and activities:
Product displays at yearly bridal and wedding exhibitions throughout Australia
Promotional attempts in popular Australian bridal and wedding magazines, and online banner advertisements on related websites. Timetable Necessary to determine success of marketing strategy

Clearly understand ways marketing strategies and efforts can be improved

Allocation/re-allocation of money, comparisons with similar products, and cost effectiveness

Performance measures of the product include competitive advantage, flexibility, financial performance, resource utilization, quality of service and innovation. Objectives: Decreased overall tourism footprint Higher climate change impact awareness by target market Increased activity for climate change adaptation and mitigation in South Pacific Increased sales in low impact tourism packages and activities. Evaluation and Implementation Objectives measured over various platforms with the help of our many partners

Various websites will measure increased internet traffic

Increase in sales for low impact tourism will be measured by tour operators and package sales

Consumers encouraged to fill out short survey before and after their holiday package

Sales assistants will measure general interest and response from those potential customers at the various travel and trade shows

Direct clicks and hits on both online banner advertisements and links will also be measured by online marketing team Australians are avoiding risks and turning towards safer and familiar travel options within own country Domestic tourism growth within Australia Product:

· Our product is an intangible service

· Ecologically friendly packages appealing to couples including air fares, airport-hotel transfers, accommodation along with specific services catering to our target market including on the beach dining for two and romantic spa treatments


· Enlarge channel of distribution by informing travel agents, tour wholesalers, hotel representatives and tourist agencies (national, state and local) about the unique selling points of the product

· Internet, concierges and the global distribution systems


· Attract the target market through building upon initial interest through Advertising, Public relations, Sales promotion, Other communication strategy options including Travel and trade shows (particularly honeymoon and bridal shows), Event hosting and Corporate hosting


· A cooperative agreement between operators and the SPTO is proposed. In exchange for advertising and other benefits, operators will liaise with the SPTO to set a slightly lower price point, enabling the SPTO to guarantee set prices for selected package deals Marketing Mix:
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