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All About Me!

No description

Library Media

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of All About Me!

All About Me!
Fun Facts About Me!
My name is Madeline Elise Miller but please call me Maddie. I was born March 2, 2006. I have the same birthday as Dr. Suess.
My Family!
There are 4 people in my family, including myself. The 1st person in my family is my mom. Her name is Shannon. The 2nd person in my family is my dad. His name is David. The 3rd person in my family is my brother. His name is Nicholas. The 4th person in my family is myself. You already know my name.
My Pet!
I have 1 pet. She is a guppy. A guppy is a type of fish. There are only 2 differences between a guppy an ordinary fish.
1. Guppies are smaller then a lot of fish.
2. Guppies don't usually have as much color as regular fish.
My guppy's name is Molly. I got her in 1st grade.
The reason I got her in 1st grade is because we did a project on guppies. After we were done with the project we got to take home a guppy! She is 2 years old. But she is really special because most guppies only live for a year! Her birthday is March 9, 2013.
My Favorites! part 1
Here is a list of my favorite things.
# Thing Favorite
1. Color:
2. Book: Tales Of Fourth Grade Nothing
3. Series: The Fudge Series
4. Author: Judy Blme
5. Animal: Dog
6. Movie: The Lego Movie
7. Video Game: Mario Cart
8. Food: Pizza
9. Dessert: Brownies
10. Store: The Apple Store
11. Place: Lake Mitchell
My Favorites part 2
By: Maddie
Thank You For Watching!
My Least Favorites! part 1
Here is a list of my least favorite things
# Thing Least Favorite
1. Color:
2. Book: Nancy Clancy Super Slueth
3. Series: The Fancy Nancy Series
4. Author: Jane O'Connor
5. Animal: Porcupine
6. Movie: Any Barbie Movie
7. Video Game: Dora The Explorer
8. Food: Broccoli
9. Dessert: Cupcakes
10. Store: Justice
11. Place: My Brother's Room
Here is the pictures of my favorite things
Book: Tales Of Fourth Grade Nothing
Series: The Fudge Series
Author: Judy Blume
Animal: Dog
Movie: The Lego Movie
Video Game: Mario Cart
Food: Pizza
Dessert: Brownies
Store: The Apple Store
Place: Lake Mitchell
My Least Favorites! part 2
Here are some pictures of my last favorite things.
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