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Haile Middle School Engineering Braxton C

No description

Braxton cox

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Haile Middle School Engineering Braxton C

Haile Middle School
My Projects

The second thing I did this year was my Dragster.
I made my dragster for the district compition.
It was my First dragster i made, I learned how to use
solid works and how to use the CNC mill.
The design Process for the dragster.
Identify Challenge
My challenge was i hade to make a
Dragster by Districsts. I hade no
experiance with solid works but
I started to make the dragster.
Explorer Ideas
So i started to look for ideas.
I looked at other peoples dragsters they made
last year. There was a tutorial I could follow so i did
since it was my first year. but I changed the shape
so it wasn't exactly like the tutorial
Plan & Develop
I followed the totorial and made my dragster
I Made the block and cut the shape of the dragster. I finished the dragster on solid works. So then i did my tool paths for my dragster. I milled out my dragster the week before the district competition. I wet sanded my dragster and painted it.
I put in the wheels, axle rode and e clips.
Test and Evaluate
I never got to race my dragster because it got DQ
when a eclip poped off and the back axle fell out
Before the races started.
Present the solution
After I finished my dragster I Made sure it ran strait, it did. Also i made sure that the wheels spun smoothly.
In the beginig of the year we made are misson patch.
We had to Make its so it showed our goals through the year. Then we lazered it out on a peice of wood.
Misson Patch
The Next thing I did was Build a boat in solid works.
Me and my brother are building the hydro plane so we made it in solid works.
Weekly Questions
3/11/12 - 3/16/12
What is CNC Milling?
CNC Milling is the drill bit that response to the
coordinates you put in and it cuts the object out with percison.
What does the concordant plane have to do with CNC milling and dragster?
X,Y,Z tells the mill to go up down, side to side and with dragster it tells you wich is north, south, east and west.
Daily Reports
Today me and my brother worked on the scale boat we made of are solid works model boat. We glued the frame on but broke a peice but glued it back together. we cut the other side board out, also the frame poped of the hull.
Me and my brother are trying to build a scale model of the boat we made in solid works by Saturday. We figured out that the side boards where the wrong size so we cut out one today.
Today I watched other prezis and figured out what the decals look like on mine and my brothers boat.
Today me and my brother made the decals for are boat in solid works and put it on the assembly. Witch included 2 lightning bolts, the words blue lighting and the scampy logo.
Today Chris helped me and my brother by useing photo shop to help use make the plaque of are solid works boat to show at the boat show that are boat will be at.
Today we watch 5 people present there prezis, I learned new things to do with my prezi and how to set it up.
Today worked on my prezi and made the design process for my dragster.
Today 5 more people presented there prezi. After that I worked on my prezi and updated it. I put on the boat and mission patch.
Today I worked on my Prezi and put in the questions that I left on my other Prezi.
The design Process for the Boat
Identify the Challenge
Me and my brother are tasked to build the hydroplane boat in solid works by the time we finish the real one.

Since we started making the hydroplane already we knew how to make some peices but not all. so we looked up the instruction guide on the boat and found out how to make it.
Explorer Ideas
Plan and Develope
So me and my brother looked at elzars boat that was in the class room at the time and saw how it was made and what peices me and my brother had to make.
Test and Evaluate
Me and my brother finished the boat on solid works and made sure the peices where good and we didnt miss anything.
Present the Solution
Me and my brother made a plaque with the help of chris that showed are solid works model in its rendered veiw in photo view 360. We showed it at the boat show that we had our boat at.
This is the boat me and my brother made and this is me driving it.
Today I watched prezis and commented on them.
Today i presented my prezi and watched other peoples prezis and commented on them, then Mr. Erickson brought our boat to class.
Today I watched prezis and commented on them and updated mine.
Today I watched prezis and commented on them and updated mine and worked on mine and my brothers snowmobile that we built.
Today I watched prezis and commented on them.
Me and my brother started to build a snowmobile in December and we finished on April 9th. We have built all the pieces from scratch by just looking at a picture of the snowmobile on the company's website that builds it.
today we meet with Mr. Erickson to decide what we are going to do for the rest of the year, I decided to make a tutorial to show how to assemble parts and how to use explode view.
today me i put on the snowmobile me and my brother made in solid works on my prezi.
this is the rendered view of the snowmobile
4/10/12 - 4/14/12
to make a resuma about your self
Assembly tutorial
Me and my brother are making a tutorial to show how to assemble objects in solid works and how to do explode view, motion, flow simulation, stress, air flow , and more. Its going to be on the dragster.
today i worked on my Prezi and Helped Curtis with a few things and i finished my resume
Today i put my resume on prezi and updated my prezi.
Me and my brother made a propeller with gears and the frame out of kinetics.
Today I did my drawing and finished it and worked on the engine.
Today me and my brother made a glider out of kinetics because the engine was broke and pieces where stolen.
Today me and my brother stated to make the tutorial for a assembly and explode view, we got pictures of what to do but didn't put in.
Today me and my brother got through step 5 - step 12
today me and my brother got done with the assembly tutorial
today i updated my prezi for FCAT week and this week.
How does robotics Play a active role in today workfare?
It a active role in today's workfare because there building robots to go inside people and kill cancer cells and the military is using them to disarm bombs and there used to build car put together things like airplanes and helicopters in assembly lines.
Today I updated my prezi and finished the writing part of the tutorial.
Today i add screen shots to my tutoial
Today We got the Contract telling what we have planed to do by he end of the year and i came up with all my objectives.
Today i Did flow simulation for my Dragster and took screen shots they will go into my tutorial.
4/30/12 - 5/4/12
Friday we watched a video on how Micheal made the fastest motorcycle in solid works. my question is how did he make the motorcycle the fastest.
I learned he made it fast by reducing the weight and by making it arrow dynamic. he reduced the weight by finding the heaviest parts and either taking out some material but not all of it and to make sure it didn't loose strength and they tested it in solid works simulation stress test. they also tested many ideas of the shape and tested which one was the most arrow dynamic by testing it in Flow simulation and found out where the areas they needed to improve on.
We picked are final project for this year and it has to be done by the end of the quarter.
today i messed around with flow simulation and what you can do with because i was going to put it on a the tutorial.
today i added walk through on the tutorial and added screen shots
today i continued on the tutorial and then i tried to figure out how to animate the flow simulation.
today i added more screen shots and figured out how to do flow trajectory in flow simulation.
today i did spell check on the tutorial and organized it into sections.
today i update prezi
all this week they where screening the computers, so we were assigned to make a Capulet that shoots paper balls at a target.
today i worked on my catapult
today i worked on the catapult
today i worked on the catapult and we have to finish it today.
today they finished the computer so i worked on my project.
today i worked on my tutorial add started to add flow simulation
today i continued to work on the tutorial
Today i added 5 pages on the tutorial on flow simulation.
today i finished the flow simulation part of my tutorial and updated prezi.
Today i added more screen shots and organized the tutorial.
Today i added motor to the tutorial and add screen shots.
today i added final touches on the tutorial
Today i did configurations.
today i put all my objectives in folders so i could put it in the drop box
2012 - 2013
My Projects
Design Process

The first thing i did was make the design process in solid works and post it on prezi.
Solid work - Humanoid Robot
The humanoid robot is very interesting because its
made from so many pieces and they all work together to make a robot that is human like and helps people and is very smart.
I also thought it was very interesting on how on solid works could show how forming plastic would liquify and then hardening. The designers could place were they wanted to inject the plastic. In solid works they made sure it would work the first time.
Weekly posts
Aerospace Engineers make airplanes, missiles and space craft that can reach speeds over 17,000 mph. They design and test and build there designs of products. Aerospace engineers make design helicopters, commercial and military planes, spacecraft and sometimes cars. They use (CAD) programs and robotics, lasers and others instruments. They are experts in many things such as aerodynamics, thermodynamics, celestial mechanics, propulsion, acoustics. Aerospace engineers have to be very smart in math and algebra and science and hard courses in school. They develop new technologies for aviation, defense systems, and space exploration. If you want to become a aerospace engineer you have to take Advance math and science classes in college.
They could use the CNC mill by cutting out precise edges and the frames. It could prevent errors in measure ments and be more effeient. The wood coul be cut precisly so all they would have to do is put it together. They also could use it to cut out the metal beams.They also use the laser by cutting out the decal stencils and cutting out the wood sheets. Also they could use it to cut out small deatails that are very important. also they could use it to cut ou tholes fo rhte screws.
The X, Y, and Z axis is the direction of the coordinate planes. This helps machines or people know which way a object is facing of what way it moves. X, Y and Z axis helps graph things. The Y axis is up and down, the X axis is a side to side and then The Z axis adds a whole new thing 3d or three dimensions it adds the 3d part of an object. It also point to a point in an area. it also helps programs like solid works to help the computer to read the information. So far i have used the X, Y, and Z axis to make the chassis for the robot and to know how to assemble it. I fixed an axle rode and built the plate form for the arm and pick up.
: Design Process

Identify The Problem
Reaserch & Brainstorm
A average water tower holds 250,000 gallons of water then you divide it by 2.5 then multiply it by 2.8 then you get 280,000lbs of water.
Innovation is about ideas that result in value Creation in order to create value, we need to look at where value is found. Value is described with 3 elements desirability, Capability and viability. Describe how your project can be an innovation using these the 3 elements.

My groups project Uses the 3 elements about innovations. My groups project uses Desirability because we want to win the competition and go one with vex and we want to learn which robot has the best way of scoring. We want to learn how to make the most equal robot from torque and speed to create the most of the robots capability. We also use Capability by being able to learn how to and build a robot with in the deadlines. We have viability because we can make the deadlines and we have the will to go on and make it the best we can. We want and can make a working and efficient robot. We use all of the 3 elements of innovation. That is why are group has innovation and the 3 elements.
The elastic collisions phenomenon is how two objects hit each other at and bounce off at the kinetic energy as before. During the collision kinetic is converted into potential associated with a repulsive force then back to kinetic energy. atoms rarely get perfect collision and mostly most collisions are inelastic collision. half of the collisions are inelastic and half are super elastic collision. Microscopic objects are ideal and never realized. After a collision possible rotational energy maybe a outcome. when any microscopic objects create perfect elastic collision will create some of its kinetic energy into internal energy. No large objects can create perfect elastic collision because it energy is created to other energy.
Monday- Today me and my brother measured the pallets so we can start on are go green manufacturing. We also came up with ideas for our project.

Tuesday- Today our robots and supplies came back from a competition we had over the week end, so we spent the day going through it and putting things away.

Wednesday - today since it was Halloween we made a pumpkin on solid works and posted it on our prezi for a grade.

Thursday - Today i updated our prezi and did our prezi post for the week. Then me and by brother decided on what we are doing for our project.
How do wind Tunnels simulate flight?
Wind Tunnels simulate flight by either blowing air with powerful fans and sometimes they dye the air with colors so it is easier to see how the air moves around the object in the tunnel. They simulate flight by blowing air though the tunnel with powerful fans, at a specific object they want to test. The person that operates the machine and any spectates can see how there vechical or object would react to the air and how much lift and drag it has. A computer reads the information from the object, wich also shows how it would react. The scienteist can examine how there object would react and and what they need to improve on. The main use of wind tunnels are to see how efficient a vechical would be. Wich this manly means drag or lift depended on the vechical. Wind tunnels help know how a object will react before we put it out to test and spend millions of dollars to build one that doesn't work.
Plan & Create
Test & Evaluate
Present the solution
Build a model or prototype
First of all, we had to identify the problem.
We had to get a beanbag up to a 18"in trough with a robot. We had to do it within a certain deadline so we can compete in a competition. The bean bag is hard for a robot to pick up and place it in a high place with out striping the motor. We had to work together to get it done.
We first thought to learn about the game and how it is played. We went on the sack attack rule book and learned it has to be 18"x 18"x 18" so that was another problem. The next thing we had to figure out was how we were going to get the bean bag on the goals. We decided to use a claw to pick up the bean bag.
The next thing we did is assign jobs. A couple jobs were building the base, building the claw, Building the arm and a couple of other jobs. Then when we were done we put them together to make the robot. We had to tweak the robots somewhat to make it have enough torque.
The amount of measuring tools they showed was 12, it ranged from rulers to complicated measuring devises. If is was offered a solid works job at solo craft the element of design i would work in would be the design and material of the bike. I would be trying to make the lightest and strongest bike frame. I would make sure it worked before we spent time and effort trying to make a bike that didn't even work. I would evaluate how much pounds can be applied to the bike before it breaks or bends. The next thing is that I would do is design the lightest and strongest bike frame by finding the lightest but strongest material and by finding the best way to place the support beams to insure it wouldn't break.
The highest salary for solid works is a job that pays $70,000-$125,00 a year and you make firearms in 3d cad or solid works. The skills you need is 5-10 years of experience of solid works and need experience making firearms.
Weekly Post
The lowest salary for a solid works job is $20-$45. Some skills you need is 2+ years of experience using solid works and can work with electrical and mechanical machines.
Describe what CNC manufacturing is, and how it is a benefit to the workforce.
CNC manufacturing is using a computer version of a object to be inserted into a CNC machine then mill out or cut out the object. Also it is a very accurate Machine and eliminates human error. CNC manufacturing is very beneficial to the work force. It can make hard objects in a couple minutes when it would take a month to make that same object by hand. Also it eliminates error and with its computer version can test it before it is made and insure there is no error and the money having to spend to remake the object.
Semester Exam
August 28, 2012
Today we made a practice piece in solid works by looking off the board and making it in solid works in 10min. I think I did the best I could in making the part in 10min.
September 11, 2012
Our next project was our class vex team. We made teams and made a robot to compete against the other teams. Our robot got finished in time but most of the other teams didn't finish so we didn't compete. Then our team went to a vex competition and won 13th place out of around 35.
November 26, 2012
Our next big project was Global Manufacturing for states. Me and my brother designed on solid works a flower pot on solid works that is made out of palate boards. Then we improved and thought of different designs to try to make it better.
I am in TSA so I starting to work on my projects for districts and states. I have 2 state projects, Go Green manufacturing and global manufacturing. For districts I am doing dragster, vex, and Problem solving.
Our next Project we are working on is Go Green Manufacturing. We are doing it with Holden and we are making a heart stool that Holden designed. It is made out of recycled cabinet doors. We have to heart stool on solid works and it was 3d printed.
The next project we did was for districts. I am are working on my dragster and trying to make it the most aerodynamic I can get it. The only thing I have to do is write the tool paths on it and mill it out. Also I'am trying new designs and trying to get it to meet specks.
Project 1

My objective for project 1 is to mill out my dragster. This will be accomplish when flow simulation is done to make it the fastest is could be then get cam works done and post my G code, then mill it out.
My Goal is to get my Dragster milled out and ready to wet sand and paint.
Overall 87% Done
Flow simulation and Cam works are Done and am waiting to mill out the dragster on the CNC mill.
Flow Simulation

Dragster Districts
Identify the problem
Research & Brainstorm
Plan & Develop
Test & Evaluate
Present the Solution
Build a model or Prototype
For Dragster Design, the problem was to design a dragster that was in the rulebooks specifications and to have it have the fastest time. A dragster is a car that you design, that is powered by a CO2 canister.
The first thing I did was look up online, fast cars and aerodynamic cars to try to find the similarities they all have. Then I wrote down the similarity on a piece of paper and went down the list to base it around it.
Then I started to work on the design on solid works and
4th Quarter exam
The project that I am going to working on the rest of the year is the Solidworks certification test. I plan on taking Tuesday may 7th. After that I plan on making a dukati Evo 848 motorcycle on Solidworks for the remainder of the year.
What we did was that we made a base model off of the instruction book. We did this because we have never made a robot before so we tried to get an understanding of how it works, what makes it work, and how to improve it.
The next thing we did was to find ways how to improve the robot. We tested it and sometimes it didn't work so then we had to figure out why and how to fix it. We did not get the way we wanted a lot and we had to fix the problems it gave us.
We ended up with a claw that extended up to about 1.5ft and could almost make it to the top scoring platform. We went to a district competition and came in 12Th place out of about 34 Robots.
Vex Robot 2012
2013 - 2014
Haile Middle school
Frame Works
01.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics and scope of technology.
02.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the core concepts of technology.
03.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the relationships among technologies and the connection between technology and other fields of study.

04.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the cultural, social, economic, and political effects of technology.

05.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the effects of technology on the environment.
06.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the role of society in the development and use of technology.
07.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the influence of technology on history.
08.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the attributes of design.
09.0 Demonstrate an understanding of engineering design.
10.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the role of troubleshooting, research and development, invention and innovation, and experimentation in problem solving.
Demonstrate the abilities to apply the design process.
12.0 Demonstrate the abilities to use and maintain technological products and systems.
13.0 Demonstrate the abilities to assess the impact of products and systems.
16.0 Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use energy and power technologies.

17.0 Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use information and communication technologies.
18.0 Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use transportation technologies.
19.0 Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use manufacturing technologies.
20.0 Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use construction technologies.
21.0 Demonstrate safe and appropriate use of tools and machines in engineering technology.
22.0 Demonstrate the ability to properly identify, organize, plan, and allocate resources.
23.0 Demonstrate the functional characteristics of the engineering design team.
24.0 Demonstrate technical knowledge and skills in the processes and systems related to engineering.
25.0 Demonstrate technical knowledge and skills in the designing, engineering, and analysis of constructed works.
28.0 Demonstrate language arts knowledge and skills. –
29.0 Demonstrate mathematics knowledge and skills.
30.0 Demonstrate science knowledge and skills.
Weekly Posts
Technology can be used to to help repair damages caused by natural disasters. To start off it can be used to communicate during and after a natural disaster. Communication is very important in natural disasters so you can get the supplies and materials you need when you need them. Technology has made communicating easier and faster with the invention of iPhones, touch screens and faster and more compatible devises. Another way how to repair damages from natural disasters is to have more compact and light heavy machinery. If a building collapsed and there are still people in side and heavy machines need to lift up heavy pieces. Technology can make heavy machinery lighter and compact able so you can get more to the accident faster so it can prevent more deaths. Another way technology can help repair damages from natural disasters is to repair the buildings with more sturdy structures so that next time natural disaster happens it can hold up to more pressure. Also technology can set up early warning devices so next time a disaster happens there will be more prepared. So technology can be used to help repair damages from natural disasters.
Card Board Chair
Week 1:
Week 2:
This week I finished the solid works model of the chair and lazier out the prototype of the chair.
This week I made traces of the pieces that we need to cut out. I started to cut out and trace the card board.
Goal for TSA
My goal for TSA is to compete in Dragster, flight, and maybe inventions and inovations.
Ruler Game Week #1
Weekly Post

Explain How the use of robotics in the medical field improves the overall quality of life.

Prezi post 4/14/14
Gear Ratios help slow down or speed up gears moving. For example their a gear rotates 1 time to move the other gear 12 times, the smaller gear would be moving faster and the larger slower. This can help slow down gears by making the original gear speed decrease to even slower. This can also increase speed by putting the smaller gear on a shaft that spins the desired object.
Fishing reels
Reels going to make in solidworks
Baitcaster pictures to use spinning reels
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