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Habits of Happiness in the Himalayas

No description

Alastair Jackson

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Habits of Happiness in the Himalayas

So - we must look at inner conditions! Happiness abits of May I
suffer all
day? "Despite what French
intellectuals may
say, no-one wakes
up thinking..." Suggesting that... Whatever we:
Dream is related to a deep profound or or desire for happiness But what is ? "...if it is going to determine the quality of every instant of our life, we'd better have a clear idea" Right? But we don't! H A P P I N E S S pleasure disgust cake eaten so we confuse with happiness ...forgetting that pleasure depends on time and its object So what is the Buddhist view? Happiness is well-being:
and fulfillment that pervades & serenity "A deep sense of underlies all emotional states" "Look at the waves coming in to shore..." Elation! Depression Elation! Depression No depth... ...there may be storms, but the depth of the ocean is
still there" Well-being "Now, look at the high sea... So how do we proceed in our search for Happiness Often we look outside Thinking 'If I had this, or that, I would be happy...' control of the world But outside is... limited temporary illusory our happiness Mind translates outer into condition suffering and But negative feelings
can influence this process So
need the
dote! Mind Training And that is the purpose of If we are angry or upset, our mind tends to return again and again to that thought Reinforcing Self
Perpetuating But if we examine the thought of anger we see that this dark cloud... ...is just mist And if we do this again and again less and less anger arises Until it crosses the mind like a bird crossing the sky leaving no track transformation This
is the very purpose of meditation And it can change your brain as well as your consciousness Scientists at Madison, Wisconsin and Berkeley put 150 normal people* in a FMRI scanner and monitored the parts of the brain linked to well-being and happiness Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Functional_magnetic_resonance_imaging Number of people Happiest Least Happy 150
people this is what 's brains looked like average very happy But look over there! * and one
monk (off the chart) http://www.ted.com/talks/matthieu_ricard_on_the_habits_of_happiness.html Adapted from a TED
Talk by Matthieu
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