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ethnicity and life chances

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Martin Evans

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of ethnicity and life chances

Ethnicity and Life chances to evaluate the effect of ethnicity on life chances define:
ethnicity Miles (1989) has argued that a key factor in the position of most ethnic minority groups at the bottom of the statification system is racism. This can be seen as a system of beliefs and practices that exclude on the basis of racial or ethnic background.

The term 'Race' was once used to suggest biological differences between groups, but has since been discredited in that sense and abandonded in favour of the term 'ethnicity' or 'Ethnic minority'.

However, it has reemerged recently as a useful term for focusing attention on power differences between groups. Ethnicity, meaning cultural grouping, lacks this power dimension.

As Kenyatta and Tai (1999) note:

"In abandoning the concept of race, there is a serious tendancy to abandon discussions of power, domination, and group conflict"
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