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Amur Leopard

Endangered animal

Aharane Selvanayagam

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Amur Leopard

Amur Leopard The Animal Endangered that I'm doing is the Amur Leopard. The Scientific name for it is " Panthera Pardus Orientials. Amur Leopards are also called, Far East Leopards, Manchurian Leopards or the Korea Leopards. The Amur Leopards can be found in the northernmost part of its range. They also live in the very, very farthest southeast corner of Russia. Maybe right on the boarder of China and alittle between Korean. They are also extended throughout The Amur Leopard can be found in in the northernmost part of its range. They are also found in the very, very farthest southeast corner of Russia. They maybe even on the boarder of China and a little between Korea. They are extended throughout China, the southern part of Primorsky Krai in Russia and the Korea Peninsula There are about 7-12 Amur Leopards in China and 20-25 in Russia. There are not a lot of Amur Leopards left.... The natural habitat for the Amur Leopards are mostly in thick rain forests. They pretty much live in the places with deep snow.They live in the forests of the Sikhote Alin Mountains. Much of the year there is deep snow and very rough climates. This is Sikhote Alin Mountain Amur Leopards are Carnivores. Amur Leopards are Carnivores because they eat Roe Deers, Sika Deers, Musk Deers, Wild Boar, Hares, Badgers and Raccoon Dogs. Badgers & Deers are an important source of food for Amur Leopards, because they're found most commonly in the Forests. Also in the Sikote Alin Mountains they only see these animals to eat. All of these preys are meat. And so that's why they are Carnivores. It was endangered from 1996 until now.One reason why it is endanger is because of Humans hunting many of the Deers. When many humans hunt deer for food , the Amur Leopards don't have anything to hunt and eat. So for the Amur Leopards it would be hard to hunt and survive. And also humans hunt the Amur Leopards. The hunters hunt them because for them to eat and for their fur. So the humans are hunting the Amur Leopards, and they're also hunting the food that Amur Leopards eat. Warning: If you don't want to see this horrifying picture, close your eyes!!! Roe Deer Wild Boar Badger Another reason why they are endangered is because the loss of habitat due to fires. Sometimes humans put the forests on fire for no reason. And when they put the forests on fire many Amur Leopards and other prey animals DIE from the fire. Also because the humans are constructing roads and buildings where the Amur Leopards live. When they don't have a place to stay, it would be hard to hunt food and survive. One of the steps that the Russia government is doing to save the Amur Leopards from getting extinct, is that they found a new protected area for the Amur Leopards. The place is called " Land of the Leopards National Park!" The place has enough food to feed the Amur Leopards and its the perfect place for the Amur Leopards to stay. It's snowy and that's what the Amur Leopards like. This is a map of "Land of the Leopard National Park" This is an Amur Leopard eating a Deer Another thing the Russian Government is doing to save the Amur Leopards,from being extinct is to donate money.With that money they're going to build better habitats for the Amur Leopard. The third step that the WWF UK is doing is to reduce forest fires and to replant trees. If they do that they could restore habitats for the Leopards and their preys. If they start to reduce forest fires, they wouldn't have to keep on replanting tree for the Leopards and their preys. The last step that they're are trying to doing is to stop hunting the Amur Leopards. When they hunt the Leopards they will be less leopards then how much there is really. The Russian people hunt leopards a lot for the fur and for the meat. If they stop hunting the Amur Leopards there will be enough and they wont be extincted. Interesting Facts:
- Did you know that the Amur Leopards skin changes with the seasons. In the Winter time their skin is very pale. For the Summer its a deep reddish orange fur colour.

-Another interesting fact is that they are strong swimmers, if they had to leap into the water they wouldn't hesitate to jump in.

-Amur Leopards can leap twenty feet across and ten feet high.

-Leopards are almost the same as Jaguars, They look the same and they look identical. Jaguars have different shapes of circles and inside the circle are a few dots. Leopards have just different circles. A little Grown Amur Leopard Grown Amur Leopard Almost grown Amur Leopard Baby Amur Cubs Amur Cub in the Winter I hope you liked my presentation!!!
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