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Founded in 2011

No description

tina malott

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Founded in 2011

About United Parents for Education (UPforEd)
A parent-led organization founded in 2011

Mission: To ensure that all San Diego children receive a quality education

Objective: Empower and mobilize parents by providing information and a platform for their collaborative voice to be heard and valued by the district

>2,000 members
K&A Client Spotlight
January 2015
Conducted Parent
Training and Education
Built Parent Teams
Started Petitions
But they weren't seeing the results they needed in order to justify funding the organization.
New objective:
To motivate parents,
community leaders and decision makers
to get involved, which would more likely increase the pressure on the district to adopt reform.
Public Poll
Target Audiences
Community Leaders
Although nearly half of respondents considered themselves to be well-informed about district and student performance, a large percentage of them grossly overestimated academic performance within the district.
Taking a Closer Look Issue Paper Series
Student Performance
School Performance
Per Pupil Expenditures
Bond Investments

Direct Mail
All parents with children in public schools within the SDUSD boundaries
Grasstop leaders (elected officials, community organizations, SDBJ book of lists, other local opinion leaders)
Sub-districts D&E community groups and faith-based organizations (identified in research as most likely to change opinion in this market)

Grasstop leaders
Existing UPforEd membership


Other Efforts
Turning the Page Letter
Website audit and update
Media monitoring and reporting
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