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Where I came from. Who I am. Who I aspire to be. This. Is. Me.


on 10 November 2010

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Transcript of This.Is.Me.

THIS. IS. ME. I was born on August 27, 1993. Into a VERY Christian home. I remember very little of my childhood. I'm still learning how to stop these blocks from occuring, whenever something bad happens. Growing up Christian and surrounded by people with very "traditional" opinions, my views on things were often warped Such as: I was homophobic, because I thought it was a sin. I rejected anyone who was "different". This meant I never accepted myself. I am bisexual. I spent years arguing with myself over this fact. And attempted suicide. A few times. This is the power of other people's opinions, words, and actions. Especially over a child. I have unlearned Homophobia, ever since I unlearned Hatred. I am now learning to be a leader.. By overcoming this passive culture. And I used to hate myself for it. I used to want to change the world. But then I became a realist,
by becoming open-minded and aware. Now, I just want to make a difference. Which is why
I decided to turn my life around...
By completely changing my way of thinking. By learning to leave my comfort zone (this presentation is an example), being active, challenging myself, and simply caring. That's why... I'm stepping out of my confort zone in admitting, and sharing with anyone who will listen, my sexuality... I'm being active in Interact Rotary and MetoWe... I'm challenging myself to get into UVic and exceed there. I'm caring enough to help Haiti, and give Kamloops youth the opportunity for a life changing experience. My Name Is
And This Is Me. This is because my mind has taught itself to create memory blocks
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